Human Trafficking Daily Update

Blogs 4 new results for Human Trfficking ACLU Challenges Prop. 35, Human Trafficking Initiative « CBS San … By tjfang The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit challenging California’s new voter-approved law to boost penalties for those convicted of human trafficking. CBS San Francisco Salvation Army raising human trafficking awareness | … … More Human Trafficking Daily Update

Chatter: ActivismRocks: “Human Trafficking”

[tag human trafficking, spousal abuse, white slavery, religion, humantrafficking, human slavery, 20th century slavery] Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 6:39 PM Subject: Google Alert – "Human Trafficking" Discussions 2 new results for "Human Trafficking" universe with no tables 3 posts – 1 author – Last post: Nov 5, 2012 … through Christ who strengthens me. … More Chatter: ActivismRocks: “Human Trafficking”

CPJ Impact: On the Frontlines of Press Freedom

CPJ Impact – October 2012 Tackling Turkey’s press freedom crisisTurkey’s use of broad anti-state charges to jail at least 61 journalists in reprisal for their work has resulted in the country being ranked the worst jailer of journalists, surpassing global press freedom violators such as China and Iran, CPJ found in a special report released … More CPJ Impact: On the Frontlines of Press Freedom

Activism & The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What makes subjects like Human Rights and Civil Rights burn and  imprint on some and to others these matters seem less important? This is a question I’ve asked myself since I was growing up in the 1960’s and my mother was looking at her 8 year old saying ” it’s not right Mom, they can’t do that, it’s against … More Activism & The Universal Declaration of Human Rights