Science Innovation & NASA Go hand in hand.

The Moon – Once it was only a dream that man would walk on it’s surface. Now, it’s a fact, it happened. What is the next planet man will set foot on?


   Science + Innovation = NASA

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, To Seek Out New Life, New Discoveries, To push our barriers beyond where they lie today..

Please watch and consider supporting NASA

it is so important that we keep NASA Funded Properly.  NASA is everything that is “GOOD FOR THE U.S.A.” Nasa provides pride in our accomplishments and discoveries. How can we have innovation, discoveries, other life, if we don’t fund Nasa properly? The cost to funding, is nothing in comparison to the loss of pride, loss of exploration, the loss of finding something we’ve only before dreamed of. Remember, we used to dream of being able to talk to someone across the world for free, Google Did That. We’re doing that now. Why? Because innovation was the priority of a company who believed they could change the world.

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For Those Who Always Prefer Video: Here’s my Senate Testimony on @NASA from this past week. [8m 30s]:!/neiltyson/status/178143476683259905

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