Daily Publications

The Daily Observer  is published twice a day now, Morning and Evening Editions.

Chief Editor: Elaine Ossipov

 “An Average American Observer” is now  published twice daily, both a Morning and an Evening Edition.

Chief Editor: Elaine Ossipov

“Handmade Gift Guide” is now published twice daily, both a Morning and and Evening Edition

Chief Editor: Elaine Ossipov

The “#Wahooligans” is published daily at 8AM For all you  #Wahooligans out there, this is the paper you want to read first thing in the morning.

Chief Editior: Elaine Ossipov

Chief Editor: Elaine Ossipov

All of these publications are of course free for inclusion and subscription.  Currently we are  receiving  just about 2,000 page views per day between the publications.

These newspapers bring me some of the greatest joy in my life.  Why? Because I feel like in some way I am helping to get the message out to people in a shorter condensed version they can read while on their coffee breaks or other free time.  Also because I just really enjoy reading them, especially in the last few months when my time has been so constrained.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone on my twitter, google+ and Facebook contacts and friends for your wonderful input into these publishing’s.

Of course it goes without saying that Paper.li is an incredibly insightful and innovative company. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Another Source I use is Scoop.it  There I curate a number of different publications on topics of interest to me.  I am not able to update each every day, but I do try to update each topic on a minimum of 48 hours.  If there is content you’d like me to consider for publication please contact me by leaving a comment to this post.  Comments are always welcome and are greatly appreciated.


Please leave comments here, All will be posted and replied to, as long as they do not contain profanity. I welcome views which differ from my own.

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