Genetically Engineered Foods : Sign Petition for Disclosure

Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Clip - Screenshot
Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Clip – Screenshot (Photo credit: sehroiber)

From Eric Schlosser and Gary Hirshberg at

Although we might not all agree on the science concerning the long-term effects of eating genetically engineered foods, we can all agree that everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether to eat them. And that’s why we should proceed with caution when approving new unlabeled GMO crops like 2,4-D corn.

Along with the new GM salmon, one of the most disturbing new species under review is a type of corn genetically engineered to withstand 2,4-D — an herbicide that some studies have shown may be linked to major health problems including reproductive abnormalities, birth defects, and several forms of cancer.

Approval of Dow Chemical‘s genetically engineered corn would trigger an increase in 2,4-D use and our exposure to this herbicide. Yet the USDA has not analyzed the resulting impacts on public health, the environment, or neighboring farmers. Do you want to take the risk?

Urge the USDA to reject genetically engineered 2,4-D resistant corn until these impacts are addressed:

The herbicide 2,4-D is a persistent chemical with a habit of moving around in the environment. It presents a risk to our drinking water, food, pets, and backyard gardens. A growing number of farmers are concerned about the potential impact on their crops from the herbicide drifting onto their fields.

We know you care about the food you eat — that’s why you asked the FDA to label genetically engineered ingredients. Before the USDA makes a decision on 2,4-D resistant corn, they want to hear from people like us. But they’re only accepting comments from the public for a short period of time!

Help flood the USDA comment box before it’s too late:

Thank you for contacting the USDA today and for bringing attention to these critical food issues.

– Eric and Gary

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