The Entire Mainstream Warmongering Media is Fake

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Jay Dyer
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If the Trump phenomena showed anything, it showed the consensus reality the mainstream media attempted to create concerning Hillary’s certain victory, as well as the consensus reality erected for decades, is not omnipotent.

In fact, the earliest days of mass print media were erected on a famous fraud known as the “Great Moon Hoax” of 1835 – something researcher Chris Kendall has long called attention to – wherein the “educated,” “elite” widely accepted the mainstream publications’ claim bat people inhabited the lunar surface.

In our day, a similar hoax still reigns, as mainstream media is literally as credible as Weekly World News’ Bat Boy story.

1-kane-borgesOrson Wells as Citizen Kane (1941)

Anyone who has seen Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane knows the director became a target of one of the most powerful media moguls of all time…

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One thought on “The Entire Mainstream Warmongering Media is Fake

  1. Trump win infact has brought to the fore the ugly faces of the deep state which continues to be entrenched with the Hillaryite war mongers and doing everything to delegitimise the trump Presidency. Not surprising, like Ukraine he may be overthrown, a beginning has already been made by the deep state in Pink Pussyriot like maidanist demonstration. Time for Trump to act hard and fast, or else fake will become a new truth.

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