Reading past the Headline

One issue receiving precious little attention in our presidential election coverage is:  Law and Order.  People need law and order. We need to know, if someone harms us in some way they will be held accountable by law.  Our American Constitution, and therefore our society is based upon one simple statement: No matter who you are, you’re held accountable to the law.  Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American have seen this change in the last few decades. Politicians, police departments, some federal Operations and even Overseas Operations, all becoming increasingly obvious with questionable and criminal intent.  With a growing amount of both concern and dismay, we have been watching the lawlessness invade our lives.

What about the rule of law in our country?

I’m not an attorney, but I have been both plaintiff and defendant at different times in my life, and rarely have I ever seen justice. Humbly, I submit, true justice,must come by way of karma, because rarely does it ever come from a court room. I’d prefer to stay out of the court system. It does nothing but suck dry the resources people would have for other, sometimes more important things in their lives.

But having said that, I do believe there is a growing amount of unlawful behavior in the US, and why wouldn’t there be, after all, isn’t that exactly what our leaders have taught us?  It’s OK to break the law, to collude against the American people, to take their retirement savings, to take their homes, and in extreme cases, their lives?  While we’ve mostly been learning this on a case-by-case basis the blatant in-your-face escapades of the last few years most certainly have swayed the largest portion of the citizens of the United States, both men and women, black, white, yellow, orange or green poka-dotted. I call this all-inclusive group of people Mr. and Mrs. Hardworking America.

I won’t get into the whole Clinton email issue, other than to say, there are a good many Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking Americans spending time in jails for doing much less than she did.  These are indisputable facts. So, no matter which way you feel about this election, the simple fact is, democrats should have chosen their candidate with forethought and serious contemplation rather than a foister of Hillary Clinton’s degree.

Just to recap a few of the largest issues of the last 20 years:

Did any CEO’s of the Wall Street Financial Disaster go to jail?

Did any CEO’s of the Wall Street Financial Disaster go to jail? Have their homes taken? Lose their life savings? The answer to that question is a reverberating, No! Even more importantly, did those defrauded Americans ever see proper restitution? Did any of the CEO’s of the corporations, who defrauded their employees by investing in very questionable markets or downright schemes, lose their retirement savings or their home? How about those great Americans who lost their life-time retirement earnings, their homes, and in the cases of obvious poor management, and non-accountability within our Veterans Affairs Hospitals, those veterans who gave some, now gave all. These silent heroes gave their lives not through combat in a foreign battleground, but right here in America, in the battleground of red-tape, mismanagement and duplicitous decisions.   Did those criminals ever lose their all?


According to  this article by CNN, 35 bankers were sent to prison for financial crimes. Reading past the headline a few paragraphs down we get “Many of the crimes involved relatively small amounts of money at smaller banks, rather than massive fraud at Wall Street banks.”  So, jail was fine for the little guys, while the real criminals got off. Yes, some massive fines were paid to our Federal Government, and perhaps they show up as income on some line item in the federal budget, although, I’ve not a clue where that is in the budget and I have looked for it. But that’s not the point, is it?

Let’s recap these issues a bit more: Who pays the price for the funds’ mismanagement of the TBTF banks:

American Taxpayers pay the prosecutors salaries, the investigators salaries, the court costs and contract salaries for all those professionals to prosecute the criminals. This amounts to millions and millions of dollars for a single case. Some cases had up to 35 people just investigating the criminal actions, for multiple years before a case is ever brought to a trial.

True or False? The criminals paid a fine.  False. The banking corporations paid the fine.

In all cases of Too Big to Fail(TBTF) banks, the banks themselves must pay the fines, it’s not the CEO’s, the schemers and the players, who pay this fine.  It’s the shareholders.  Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American is the one who paid for this duplicitous behavior.  Additionally, the TBTF banks were then given a tax write off for the fine itself or the greater portion thereof.

True or False? As an American you are privileged and do not need to obey the law. False.

Could write off a speeding ticket? How about a construction fine on your remodel? A fine for not paying your taxes on time? How about not being able to afford the tags, licensing fees for your vehicle due on the 25th when you don’t get paid until the first? The answer to that question is once again, No! Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American is fined more and charged outrageous penalties and interest fees, often time more than double the amount of the original debt.

We have also found some corrupt agencies to be confiscating property belonging to Mr.& Mrs. Hardworking American through a process called Civil Asset Forfeiture(CAF). In some cases, involving CAF, even when citizens are not charged with any crime, the citizen still must hire an attorney to get their property back. This amounts to thousands of dollars.  How outrageous is that?

By contrast, what happens with the tax write offs the TBTF banks get? Well, for starters its considered income and guess what? The CEO’s, the perpetrators of these crime, have their bonus payments based on income. These, at least, criminally negligent management teams received a bonus on the income of the fine amount, income which they already received a bonus for, when it was originally income to the corporation, while their shareholders paid the fine.  Wow! Bonuses twice on the same income.  Bonanza! Who says crime doesn’t pay?

The point is, Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking America have been taught crime pays, the financial elite anyway.

This is not what Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American feel is a just reward.  


Moving onto legal/illegal immigration:

I feel very confident in my ability to speak on this topic, because I am married to a legal immigrant who currently is a Permanent Resident of the United States. We’ve been married now, going on 16 years. We were married abroad, then moved to the US when my husband received a job with a company in California. Jumping through the immigration hoops and subsequent requirements was a joke. I will speak to this a little further on, but only briefly.  Ours was a completely mismanaged case. From a security perspective, it is an accident waiting to happen. It is inevitable.

I am dumbfounded by those who try justify illegal immigration. I don’t understand it. Did I mispronounce or in this case, mistype the work illegal? Did the word illegal get a new definition, one I wasn’t told about? Do people realize how stupid they sound when they say illegal immigrants aren’t breaking a law? YES, yes, they are, that’s why they are called illegal.  The United States takes in over one million legal immigrants per year.  Do you know how many Households there are in the US? Statistics provided by Static Brain, tell us the number of US Households in 2014 was 115,227,000.  The total number of legal immigrants for the same year? According to Migration Policy dot org:

“In 2014, 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moved to the United States, an 11 percent increase from 1.2 million in 2013. India was the leading country of origin for new immigrants, with 147,500 arriving in 2014, followed by China with 131,800, Mexico with 130,000, Canada with 41,200, and the Philippines with 40,500.”

Note the lack of the word illegal in the above quoted paragraph? That’s because it’s not there.  In 2014, for every 86 American Households, we had one new immigrant household.  That’s the American way.  These are the legal immigrants. Not the illegal immigrants who are excluded in the standard statistical data.

This, again, is an indisputable fact.  I’m not talking about a person holding a work or study visa, as these people are not considered as having migrated to the United States.  These folks are temporary workers. I’m talking about persons who, through hard work and legal means, seek to become residents in the United States. Again, this is the American way. They can become full citizens through naturalization and/or the path to citizenship.

But what happens to these lawful immigrants when illegal immigrants are flooding our cities? Of course, processing the legal immigration, takes a huge hit both in time and resources overwhelming an already overwhelmed and antiquated system. This is exactly what happened in southern California in 2003. Remember the immigration brouhaha which started in Dana Point. The immigration office was so overwhelmed, the supervisor of the mail room, told his assistant to get rid of the backlog. So, he shredded over 90,000 documents, including foreign passports and birth certificates. In the case of my husband and I, neither of us ever had an interview, nor did we receive one single in-home visit by an immigration officer in over 3 years. We did, however, finally receive his permanent residence status. That’s a whole different story, and I was one very pissed-off Average American Woman going into their offices, when we couldn’t get any results after waiting a total of 5 years.

Case Officer Shreds Immigration Application documents

In this case, the criminals did go to jail, of course they did, they were over-worked, underpaid American Citizens who couldn’t get any relief from their superiors.  I am not justifying their actions, but take an otherwise good lawful person, back them into a corner and the results are very predictable. 

My husband immigrated in 2000. The world was a different place then.  A safer place, illusory yet this is how our immigration system was run.  This was before 9-11, before the war on terror, but more importantly before ISIS and Radial Islam threatened our country, our law-abiding citizens, and threatened to do so from within. This means, they threaten to commit these crimes against humanity using our good will against us and announced to the world their plans to do-so using our overburdened taxation supported immigration systems.   Yes, 9-11 was an inside job, that’s not in question here, what is in question, is: Do we want to make the same mistake again? Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American does not, and they still want justice.

It should be simple, you break the law, you pay the price be that jail or deportation and restitution is mandatory.

Voting Rights

For the record, despite what President Obama may have said on camera, in front of the world, any person who is not a full citizen of the US may not vote in a Federal Election.  The legal status is irrelevant.  Whether the alien resident is legal, or illegal, temporary or permanent, student visa holders or H1b work visa holders, to lawfully serve on a Jury Duty, or to Vote in a Federal Election you must be a Citizen of the United States. Even the states this only they do not emphasis it.  They don’t quote it from the constitution, nor do they emphasis what it means to be a citizen, the site prefers to tell us the law was changed from only white male citizens over the age of 21, and that it was shameful.

“One of the most important rights of American citizens is the franchise — the right to vote. Originally under the Constitution, only white male citizens over the age of 21 were eligible to vote. This shameful injustice has been corrected and voting rights have been extended several times over the course of our history. Today, citizens over the age of 18 cannot be denied the right to vote, regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, or sexual orientation. However, in every state except North Dakota, citizens must register to vote, and laws regarding the registration process vary by state.”

The legal definition of the word citizen applies here.


Section 1. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, “[…];

Did my president just miss-speak about constitutional law to which he is so adept? Yes, yes he did.

Because he brought it up, let me clarify it for you:

Black Men had the right to vote under the 15th Amendment to our constitution, the year 1870.  Women were granted the right to vote on August 18, 1920.  In 1924, Congress granted citizenship to all Native Americans, and of course as citizens they received the right to vote.

The Voting Rights Act, of 1965 aimed at overcoming legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented black, Latino, Women, Japanese, basically all citizens who were in the minorities in American from exercising their right to vote.

So, excuse me, for asking, but WTF is the above doing on the This is 2016, 51 years after the Voter Rights Act, almost 100 years after Women and Native Americans were given the right to vote and almost 150 years after the first Black Man could vote in the United States.

I would like to speak more on this, but it is time to move forward, so I would like to leave you with this information: Twice America has granted Large-Scale Amnesty to the illegal immigrants living and/or working within the United States, the first time, back in 1986.  But it doesn’t seem to matter how many are given amnesty or why. The fact remains, illegal immigrants currently account for approximately 11.2 Million people in the United States. 11.2 Million people, living and working here illegally when Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American are losing their homes, can’t find jobs, and are excessively fined.

5 facts about illegal immigration in the US – Pew Research Center

You can read more here: United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section. An Introduction to Federal Voting Rights Laws.


Supply and Demand

Let’s talk for a minute about supply and demand, and how too many people for not enough resources affects you personally.  Ever wonder why rents are so high in the cities?

Below is the full list of the top ten most expensive cities, as well as the median cost of a one bed rental.

The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Be a Renter:

  • San Francisco, CA $3,590.
  • New York, NY $3,340.
  • Boston, MA $2,310.
  • Oakland, CA $2,280.
  • San Jose, CA $2,270.
  • Washington, DC $2,200.
  • Los Angeles, CA $1,970.
  • Miami, FL $1,900.

While not always the most populated cities, those which are not, have a limited amount of space, and too many people applying to live in that same space.

It’s called supply and demand. The more demand you have, the less supply you have and the market increases the prices to the absolute highest it can bear and stay afloat. This works the opposite with jobs, and unfortunately for we the people.  The more workers applying for a single position means the less an employer will pay for that position.

In 2014, the US Civilian workforce included 8 million unauthorized immigrants, 5% of our total workforce of the United States. 

This at a time when American unemployment is at an all-time high. The governments version of unemployment has nothing to do with unemployed Americans rather it is the number of Americans collecting benefits from our Unemployment Compensations program.  A quick visit to  Shadow Stats, will show us the real percentage of Americans looking for work. The current unemployment rate is about 23.5%.  These numbers include those who are still looking for work, but are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. The standard data provided by the government has dropped this specific group of Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American from their rosters, and statistics. -Unemployment Rate, Official U-3 & U6, vs. ShadowStats Alternate
Statistics provide by Official v. Shadowstats Alternative, which includes those still looking for work but no longer eligible for unemployment compensation benifits.

At a time when jobs are scarce, housing is scarce, resources are scarce and taxes are going through the roof, our current politicians want more money for more programs that failed the first time around, then the same programs were shellacked and put to the public a second time around, and now this time, the third time, Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking America gave their answer loud and clear at the voting booth.

But wait, it gets better.

Moving forward, let’s talk for a minute about Mob Rule:

If you want justice from a corporation, you must make people aware of the crime, enough people find out about it, and in most cases, you will start to see something done about it. Corporations call this Reputation Management. However, Mr. & Mrs. America call it ‘honoring your contract’. The contract of purchasing goods or service in good-faith.  Social Media has been a great help to many, and we’ve all seen or been involved with people who, being denied any other means of justice, have turned to social media for help.  A recent example: Kay Jewelers, and there are a whole host of others which I could name.  We used to call this word-of-mouth advertising, and you could rest assured for every one person who knows about it on social media, there’s another 10 people behind them who know about it too.  Yet, now what we are seeing equates to Mob Rule.  This is what Americans are being taught.  This is what our corporate elite and government has been teaching us.  If we can’t get justice, as a last resort turn to social media for help. Only now, it’s not the medium of last resort. Now it’s the medium of first resort, mob-rule, with the mentality of:  Make the bastards pay at Any Cost.  So, what do I mean by Mob Rule exactly, let me define it for you:

The tried and true, centuries old word of mouth advertising has now been successfully subverted by corporations as a tool to work against Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking American.

Win at any cost, even if you lie to do it.  Kill the oppositions reputation even if you dredge something up from a locker-room from 15 years go. Or Hiring practices from 20 years ago. I warned about this in 2008 or so, but leaving the I-told-you-so behind in lieu of seeking solutions, what happens now? What happens when there have been fair elections with a legal and just outcome? Those who disagree, do what they have been taught, and they go for mob rule.  This is what we are seeing now, and we’ve no one to blame except ourselves for putting up lawlessness for this long.  This is now systemic in our country thanks to organizations funded by less than altruistic agenda setting people like George Soros, this is what I would consider a topographical view of Soros’ activities by 60 minutes, but it shows his history and relationship to WWII war crimes and his connection to Clinton, Haiti, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa and many more. He is in these countries to admittedly perform social engineering and revolution. George Soros, is also the initiator, and primary funding source of Black Lives Matter, which I consider a domestic terrorist organization.  Let me clarify that statement. I consider it worse than a terrorist organization.

“Black Lives Matter took a legitimate issue of Black America and turned both the issue and Mr. & Mrs. Hard Working American into unwitting participants in a social engineering operation to undermine the rule of law, and create division through racism in America.”

Now Soros has been definitively linked to funding the riots we see spreading across America.  He currently is being sued, and rightly so, for funding BLM, and their role in the shooting of the Dallas Police Officer.  By the way, the officer in question, was Enrique Zamarripa, not exactly a white raciest.  He was one of the Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking Americans. He gave his all to protect his community.  My heart still hurts for these officers, the ones we call when we’re in trouble, the ones who protect us, the ones who put themselves in harm’s way every day.  To stop the inflammatory comments before they start: yes, there are some bad policeman out there, there are some police who should not have a badge, but that is not the majority.  Discounting all the good work community police and law enforcement do, because of a few high-profile cases is just as much a travesty as the cases themselves are. I will just ask you one question here: Who is your first phone call to when your house is robbed, you are robbed or your car is stolen? If you answer police, then you’ve just reiterated my point.

People must start reading past the headlines and read up on history.

Everything that has happened from TBTF banks to immigration, to unlawful seizure/confiscation of property has been, and is now, used against us to undermine the rule of law. Its time all Mr. & Mrs. Hardworking Americans regardless of political party see that, learn to recognize it and abide by the laws of the country we are living in. If you don’t like a law, get it changed in a lawful way. Mob rule? Is that what you want?  Revolution in America? leading to the greatest loss of wealth, the rape of our countries natural resources and the middle class, is the end game of a few very sick individuals who have more money than god, and use it to elicit the exact response we are seeing in our streets.  The true crime here: They have done this before, repeatedly, and each time leading to a color revolution in the country they target.

I haven’t touch base at all on our Foreign Policy which most Americans on both sides of the aisle will agree has been a total disaster, a hole in the tank-tracks, we keep dumping money into for at least the last 20 years.

It’s time for a new direction, different players; will our new president and government be better?  I haven’t a clue, but at this point, I’m certainly willing to give them a chance. It’s why I voted for them.  And before you call me a racist or white supremacist, or immigration hater: I worked to get President Obama elected, albeit, I’m sorry for that now, and remember, I’m married to a LEGAL immigrant.  I believe I have earned the right to speak on these issues.

We can either have the rule of law, or no law, and have anarchy. Some feel anarchy would be better. I don’t have all the answers, but the one answer I do have is:

For now, If I must follow all the laws, regardless if:

  • I know them (ignorance of the law is no defense) or
  • Agree with them or
  • Forgot about them or
  • Intent – i.e.  I didn’t mean to break the law, I didn’t know the speed limit here, I didn’t mean to shoot him.

then by-god so should every Citizen of America, regardless of race, creed or color and I damn sure will holding my public servants accountable.

That, in a nutshell, is why President-Elect Trump Won.

Read past the headlines folks, you deserve better.


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  1. While not agreeing with all your opinions, it is a very thoughtful piece, and you make several valid points. Yes, we deserve better, and it is up to each individual to read past the headlines. We have a precious gift, the right to be fully engaged in the process. If we do it peacefully, respectfully, we may reach that sacred common ground.

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