General Alexander Kolomiets—Defection to the Militia

I sure hope Americans are starting to wake up about the New War our War Machine wants to start, this time, the Secretary of Defense told Russia: We will Stop the Sanctions after two points are met: 1. Resignation and deporting of President Putin, and 2. The Breakup of the Russian Federation.

When will enough Americans wake up to stop the war mongers?

Original: (by Yevgeny Krutikov) / Взгляд: Деловая Газета
Translated by Pavel Grebenkov

Kolom4The defection to the militia of the former member of the Ukrainian General Staff, Major-General Alexander Kolomiets is an extraordinary and advantageous event from the propagandistic point of view. However, a number of points expressed by him at a press conference in Donetsk are highly controversial, first of all, those relating to the possibility of a rebellion in the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and the attempts to whitewash the Ukrainian military.

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Major-General Alexander Kolomiets was dismissed from the post of chief of the Information Analysis Unit of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2012. Presently such a structural division within the General Staff does not exist, and the duties of the analytical-informational support of the General Staff of Ukraine have been transferred to the Head Directorate for Defense…

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