The Deep South Up North: The Struggle For American Indian Voting Rights in South Dakota

Another of our MANY suppressed issues of today, is the Struggle of Native Americans and their voting Rights, take a short minute or two to read what is happening now in South Dakota.

Virally Suppressed - Muckraking For The Modern World

What happens to an injustice unheard? Does it wisp skywards like warm smoke from a gun or deflate down, dissolve and be done? Does it cry itself to sleep or rage into the night then softly weep? Maybe it hardens in the hollow of your bones. Or does it just moan? I’d imagine that more often than not it moans. And when injustice moans it’s not a dull whimper or a halting sob, but a haunting yawp that is audible to all save those who chose not to hear it. On their own, many people—along with the local and state governments who represent them—will plug up their ears with cotton bolls and blot out the sounds of injustice and oppression that surround them, while others still will hear the wails of injustice and track them down like bloodhounds so they can shove their hands over the mouths of the moaning…

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