The Residents of Slavyansk have disappeared; the town is being re-populated with migrants from Western Ukraine.

Liberated or Exterminated?

Translation by Valentina Lisitsa
Edited by S. Naylor & @GBabeuf

August 7, 2014

In Slavyansk, occupied by Ukrainian troops, the local residents have practically disappeared. The town is being inundated with migrants speaking in a foreign dialect, who take over the housing of those who left to escape the Ukrainian bombing campaign.

This is reported by one of very few residents of Slavyansk who, trusting Ukrainian official propaganda, made the decision to return to his native city. The picture that he saw is terrifying. He realized that the information about residents of Slavyansk returning home is nothing but a vile lie.

“Please, heed our plea! The people have disappeared from Slavyansk!

“I am a native of Slavyansk, residing here already for twenty-seven years. Or better to say ‘I was residing’, having left the town three months ago, when it was becoming dangerous to stay. During this time I…

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