A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya

This is an update to the coverage provided on the #genocide and #Coverup of the genocide by Kiev against the Civilians in Eastern Ukraine.
The European Security have Cleared Moscow of any type of border violations, any type of ‘alleged’ motor firing over the border.
This is Pure and Simple the systematic destruction of a people by a Neo-Natzi Regime whose funding is provide by the US.


Video: A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya

Note: Translation by Alan and Alya Bailey Subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Transcript: A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya

Translated from Russian by Alan and Alya Bailey / Edited by Olga L. and Gleb Bazov

Alexey Mozgovoy: The peaceful population is being eliminated using missiles. These actions make the civilian population leave their homes. So, generally speaking, Kiev does not need the population; it is irrelevant in the area where they plan to conduct fracking.

There’s already a drilling rig in Slavyansk and it’s starting its work. The equipment for building the rigs has already been delivered to a little settlement near Slavyansk. So what use is there for the population? It’s not needed there. The complete elimination of the population is being covered up by the so-called ATO.

All types of weapons that the other side has in its arsenal are being used without any…

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