REVIEW: Total Control’s Post-Punk Typical System Anything but Typical


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The idea of a “systematic fuck” implies a pleasurable sort of chaos, manipulated here and there by someone or something, perhaps melodically, with purpose and carelessness. The fourth track on Total Control’s Typical System bears that name, the title offering a description of the way in which the entirety flows in and out of jarringly different tracks via a variety of sounds plucked heavily from a post-punk palette.

Australia-based bandmates Mikey Young, Dan Stewart, Al Montfort, Zephyr Pavey, and James Vinciguerra interweave (alternating almost exactly one-for-one) synth-driven, cool-voiced, dance-ready tracks with guitar-driven, mosh-potential headbangers. The steady rhythm of opener “Glass”, when contrasted with the cacophony of following track “Expensive Dog”, highlights this phenomenon, and places Total Control in a world of post-punk redefinition, where…

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