Lessig’s Mayday Hits $5M Kickstarter Goal To Fund Pro-Campaign Finance Reform Politicians

Congrat’s 🙂


Lawrence Lessig’s Mayday.us just raised a lot of money…to help get the money out of politics by campaigning to elect five politicians who will enact campaign finance reform. This morning the Super PAC hit its $5 million grassroots Kickstarter goal thanks to 47,000 supporters, which will be matched by $1 million donations from Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, TED’s Chris Anderson, and Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham.

Harvard Law Professor Lessig’s ability to raise large sums from both wealthy tech luminaries and the general public shows broad support for making elected officials less beholden to big money campaign donors. Next, Mayday will aim to raise $12 million by November’s mid-term election to give candidates that align with its plan a boost on the campaign trail.

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In a Letter To Everyone upon reaching the goal, Lessig wrote “The pundits say ‘America doesn’t care about this issue.’ This is…

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