Meet PlayFresco, The Palestinian Hardware Battlefield Company That Couldn’t Make It To The U.S.

Meet the player who couldn’t make it to the US for the Hardware Battlefield brought to you by Tech Chrunch


When we began our planning we initially invited 15 finalists from 11 countries onto our TC Hardware Battlefield stage. One company couldn’t make it. They were PlayFresco, a team of engineers and hobbyists working on some amazing wireless motion interaction technology. Sadly, they couldn’t get a visa to the U.S., forcing them to drop out of our compeition.

Created by Feras Abed-Alhaq, Monier Aghbar, and Sudqey Dwikat, the system allows you to add motion control to any laptop without visible tracking hardware. Kids can use any round object as a steering wheel, for example, and you can wave things in front of the computer to use them as pointers. Like Leap Motion it can sense your hands in space next to and around a computer but unlike Leap it uses magnetic fields to sense objects and body parts.


The company has secured $130,000 in funding from Michal Zalesak of…

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