Internet Censorship Bill – Congress Fast Tracks TPP

This is a letter I received from Evan and Tiffini founders of the Internet Defense League (cat signal) and  Fight For The Future .  I hope all those Americans will take the time to call and fax their congress person.  We have lost so much in the way of our civil rights lately, and the only way we can regain them, or not loose anymore is if each of us takes action to stop it. I cannot stress how important this is.  We have lost significant votes (lableit, wa) by less than 200 votes.  Less than 50% of the population chose to vote that day.   We battle corporations which are dropping Millions upon Millions of dollars into campaign funds in states they are not even registered in.   I won’t start in on the rights of women or minorities. The interesting thing about targeting women and/or minorities, is that pretty soon  they are targeting everyone, because everyone is the minority. 


Net neutrality is under attack. Take action now.

Just yesterday, we learned that AT&T will be rolling out a new program that allows companies that can afford it to pay for their users’ mobile data usage (1). Kinda sounds great, huh? If you’re using YouTube on your phone, Google will pick up the bill for the data usage so you don’t go over your limit.

Here’s the problem: this policy, and others like it, are sneaky methods of undermining net neutrality — and they quite literally threaten the Internet as we know it (2).

We’re racing on our NSA and TPP campaigns right now, so we don’t have time to go into detail in this email, but we put together a quick page where you can read some articles, get up to speed, and take action.

Click here to learn about the threats facing net neutrality and take action.

Thanks team. We’re just a few days into 2014 and the battle has already begun. We’re ready to fight, and glad to have you on our side.


-Evan and Tiffiniy

Fight for the Future

P.S. We’ve got a lot on our plate already in 2014 — can you help us make sure we can also fight for net neutrality by chipping in $10 today?


1) The Verge, “Sponsored Data: AT&T will now let companies buy out your data charges for specific videos and apps.”

2) Wired,  “We’re about to lose net neutrality — and the Internet as we know it.”