Breville Masticating Juicer Today Only $179. – That’s $420.00 Off Retail

Wow, What a Deal I can’t believe they have this Breville Slow Quiet Juicer marked $420.00 OFF.

If my son hadn’t bought one a while back, I wouldn’t believe it’s such a great deal.
I honestly don’t know whether to fall on my knee’s in thanksgiving or to write my senator about marketing scams, but either one is good today because I got the best juicer on the market for under $200 and FREE SHIPPING which is a big deal with these hefty fellas.

Either way it’s all good for me, because I got my juicer!  My son told me it would change my life and help my health be better than it is.  He would know, he lost a little over 200lbs using this juicer and putting Kale in almost everything he juiced. I guess Kale is very healthy for you?!?  If juicing will improve my health…watch out Jack LaLane.

**side note** Seems sorta odd, those who are single and no children/home have no deductions at all, how are they supposed to save up for a home if the are paying the highest income bracket in the US, not to mention if they received an education and are now paying it back, I guess the interest on it is deductible, but that hardly makes up for the rest.  Note to self or anyone else whose reading this: Figure out plan for gov. to give 1 no-down housing loan to every american if they can qualify for the payments/insurance/taxes (required in the payment).  If our gov. did that, everything from crime to unrest would decrease dramatically, I mean, that’s why we’re not out in the streets protesting now eh? We don’t want to loose work which equates to loosing our homes. **end side note**

This beautiful Juicer, easy to clean, everything is turned into juice, makes like 4 times the juice out of the same ingredients as a regular juicer. Pretty much 4 and 5 star reviews all the way across the board.