Bahrain Conflict: casualties depicted in interactive

¹This is a great pictorial made in the shape of a Palm Tree it depicts the actual accounts of those who have died in the Bahrain Conflict.
Thursday, February 14,2013 | Elaine Ossipov | Anacortes Wa.

I found this Graphic on their site tonight as I was doing some research into death/casualty comparisons. I was very with the work this person has done not only with the graphic, but also as an editor for Wikipedia helping to document what is known as fact for our future generations.

A little off-topic, but I would like to make a short comment here. It is much harder to write an article or be an editor for Wikipedia than one might believe at first glance. What makes it difficult is not the software or templates they use, although, their no piece of cake to learn either, it is being able to write your document without bias and stick with only credible, reputable, reproducible and absolute unequivocal facts. This to me is what is the absolute hardest part. Mot scientific studies or reports by commissions are not even commissioned until after the incident when people are sent in to find our what happened. Due to globalization, the United Nations and various other global or interested humanitarian projects we now see more and more of what happens before the smoke forms much less clears away when no one wants to think about it or are too shell-shocked to do much talking. I use the praise relevance many times during my writing. I do this because it is by my perception based upon my history – experience and/or education/teachings including travel which gives a person their unique outlook over the situation, it’s given me mine. It’s also why I love to collaborate so much. People would respond “Oh, you don’t want to hear when I think” Yes, yes I do, I really do! Listening to you telling your perception of a happening, gives me additional viewpoints, perspectives of the situation. I’ve always felt this enhanced my reasoning abilities. “Back to you now elaine” Why thank you Elaine¹

Bahrain: Two Years On

¹I don’t know where I got the weirdness from. But I did escape my mom grasp one day when I was maybe 8 or 10 months old and feel head over heal  down a very steep long sharp edged brick staircase. Poor mom thought I was dead.  Could it be?