Jounalist Daniel Laine Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison

Author of Books, Publications,  Articles, Expose', Freelance Journalist.  Cambodia Human Rights and Development Calls for World Justice!
Author of Books, Publications, Articles, Expose’, Freelance Journalist. The Cambodia Human Rights and Development Calls on the Cambodia Government and the World for Justice!

“Phnom Penh, 30 January 2013 — The Phnom Penh Municipal Court confirmed yesterday the verdict pronounced against French reporter Daniel Lainé in 2010 and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment for sex trafficking. However, it is widely believed that Mr. Lainé, who is currently in France, has been targeted for his investigative work into sex tourism and sex trafficking in Cambodia. The trial, which took place on 10 January [this year] and which the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) monitored, only served to demonstrate the absence of credible evidence against Mr. Lainé. He may have been a victim of judicial persecution for informing the public about sex trafficking and painting a “bad” image of Cambodia.”  Stated the Cambodian Human Rights Watch Agency referred to as ::ADHOC.

There will soon be an update to this press release of January 30th which may include an adhoc statement by the Journalist. Stay Tuned at more information comes in through the human rights portal.

Jounalist Daniel Laine Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison.

According to this ADHOC-Statement-Journalist-Daniel-Lainé-sentenced-to-7-years-in-prison-30-January-2013 (press release) the Cambodian  Human Rights and Development  Organization (ADHOC)  is calling on its government to review Daniel Laine’s trial in an expedient manner and they are also calling on  INTERPOL to withdraw the Red Notice issued for Daniel Laine so he can live and work normally until this situation changes.

The Cambodian  ADHOC  believes that Mr. Laine was framed as there is only 1 person who testified against him and the ADHOC emphatically state there is no credible evidence against Mr. Laine,  and in addition because of gross violations of his human rights.

Since early in 2003 Mr. Laine went to Cambodia specifically to make a documentary on ‘sex tourism’, and broadcast on French Television Channel TF1,  after the airing of which Mr. Laine received threats.  The one person who went on camera, to testify about the sex-tourism/trafficking  had tried to extort money from Mr. Laine (150K) when his relatives recognized him, through a black hood and even with garbled voice as he talked to the journalist about these operations.

Journalist Daniel Laine targeted by the Cambodian Government for having cast them in a bad light with regards to Human Trafficking, and sex-slavery according to the Cambodian ADHOC.

Mr. Laine has never been notified of the charges or the trial.  Nor had he been notified about the guilty ‘ in absentia’  verdict by the Cambodian court in 2010.   Two full years went by and in 2012, while covering a story in a third country was Mr. Laine arrested and detained based on the  INTERPOL Red Notice.

This article published by KI-Meida in 2006, states the Cambodian Authorities asked him to pay $125,000. for the  ‘legal damage’ of his report on sex tourism shown on TF1 in 2003 caused.    At that time a petition signed by approximately 100 television personalities  supported Mr. Laine and the Reporters without Boarders looked into the fee’s being imposed and stated there was no legal justification.   (Question, Is this the same fee’s he was originally asked to pay the extortionist?)

Journalist Daniel Laine is a freelance journalist who was born in 1949 making him 64/65 years old, he won the prestigious World Press Award in 1991. In addition Mr. Laine is an award winning Photographer and Writer.

Here are some photographs “The Kings of Africa”   and a few books published by Amazon

About the Author – Daniel Laine

Daniel Laine received the Prix de la villa Médicis hors les murs in 1988 and won first place in the World Press Photo 91 category “People in News” for his book African Kings. He contributes to numerous magazines in France and abroad. Tobie Nathan, ethno-psychiatrist, is professor of Clinical Psychology and Pathology at the University of Paris.

African Gods: Contemporary Rituals and Beliefs (Hardcover) by Daniel Laine,  Anne Stamm, Pierre Saulnier.
African Gods: Contemporary Rituals and Beliefs (Hardcover)
African Kings by Daniel Laine
African Kings by Daniel Laine





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