A Circular Economy

Have you heard of the New Circular Economy?

Watch this video.

Take a minute and watch this, I’d love to get your opinions on it.
The new Circular Economy

I have grave reservations about it. (yes, grave reservations, not just standard reservations.)

So After watching this and thinking about it for a minute what are your thoughts?

I think there are aspects that could be good, but what I really see is: Allot of ‘co-operative’ monopolies, and mega-corporations controlling everything we can/can’t have. I’m not very sure I like this idea at all. Yes, some items I wouldn’t mind renting, but ‘everything’ what happens to personal estates, personal equity, after we’ve spent a lifetime ‘renting’ everything?
I see this working for one aspect of our society only the top 3% Which, btw, will become to the top 10% with the new manufacturing.