72 Murdered and 30 more whose motive has not been Confirmed. 2012


James Folley, an experienced war freelance journalist was kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day. His family has not heard from him since. Take immediate action to sign this global appeal for his safe immediate release and communications with his family to assure his current physical safety and whereabouts.


We, the global population, acting as members of a loosely formed community stand united in the following action:

A Call for the immediate release of Freelance Journalist James Folley, and the immediate communications informing his family of his current physical safety and whereabouts.

Today, as I’m nearing the end of my vacation, I write this with a new found optimism and hope. It is a new year and a new age. An age where we as relatively insignificant individuals can, through our participation as members of our local community, our states and our countries, now for the first time in the history of mankind have the ability to act independent of our countries without fear of retaliation or prosecution. That we as members of a much older group, as members of the human race can come together united by a single cause to effect change for the betterment of all mankind. This action by definition forms a loose global community.

We, all people of Earth as a Global Community stand united against obstruction of journalism.

Working in a worn torn area journalist can expect, at times, to work in harrowing conditions. It is time we as the Global Community throw our full weight behind our displeasure in the way objective journalists are treated while doing their job. As the information gathers and disseminators it is time the Global Community acknowledged the importance of their work in both the fight for Human Rights and the fight as our true front line historians. The facts need told, the stories need told. Yet in this past year the death toll for Journalist rose to a striking 72 confirmed deaths of journalists and media workers, an additional 30 still under investigation stated The Committee to Protect Journalists. Syria the largest violators have a toll of confirmed 28 murders of Journalists and media workers in 2012. This type of bloodshed has not been seen since 1992.

We must find a way to protect these journalist. If freedom of the press is not protected to the utmost level of the law. There will be no freedom in the world, no objective reports to the people of the world and we will return to what is akin to the dark ages if we do not stop this targeting of our Journalist. These Journalist are the true front-line historians.

My Plea To the Kidnappers and their Associates:

Release James Foley today. Show your own strength, your committment to the truth, your committment to ethics, allow the objective reporting of actions in your region, actively seek out those who hold James Foley prisoner and order the immediate and unconditional release of James Foley, allow him to contact his family today to assure them of his safety.

My Please To the Global Community:

Support this Global Appeal to Free James Foley, sign the petition, and pass it on to everyone you know. Sign it and pass it through-out your global community to put pressure on his captors. This is the least we can do for someone who risks their life in a war zone to bring us Truth. The same one who helps so many people understand the changes Syria is going through, the loss of its people, grandparents to child, the devastation of loss of cultural landmarks which have stood for centuries and now lay in ruin. The loss-of yet new-found dignity for those living to survive this tragedy.

I personally would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuing forward moving support throughout this coming year.
~elaine ossipov


Click Here & Take Action Global Appeal For James Foley’s Release:

Please distribute this to everyone and all organization you know amending your name to the Global Community’s Appeal located here:



Click Here & Take Action – Petition For White House counsel To Review and Propose Stricter Laws and Harsher Punishments For those who harm a Journalist in the course of Duty. We need to have 25,000 signatures before February




A Full Article is available here on Mr. Foley’s kidnapping:

Dateline: 01.02.2013 : Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Journal Sentinel:Meg Jones:Staff

The three-time Pulitzer Prize winning publication:
Journal Sentinel (jsonline.com ), Marquette alum Foley kidnapped in Syria