Unbelievable::True – What will Mass-Market Retailers do Next?

Wal-Mart – Save Money.  Live Better . Die Younger.

Should Wal-Mart require a disclaimer on their tagline? I meant this as a joke, but only half way so. Wal-Marts are devastating our small communities, the small business’ within them, the housing markets of these small communities and increasing the need of welfare within the state by not paying their employee’s a  wage they can live on. In the mean time, while not paying their employee’s enough to live on ,  they keep their prices lower on goods than the small business’ can do in your area. within the first year of  Wal-Mart moving into a community over 20% of their small Business’ are closed, within 2 years it’s over 50%. Now Down Town looks bare,  The rental markets driven-down due to the business’ which have closed, the housing market driven-down by the number of people who have gone bankrupt or  forced to move from the area to find sustainable work.  Within 2 years the Prices of Everyone Home in the City Wal-Mart has moved into have now dropped 20%.  But don’t worry, you’re paying less for your goods right? Wrong.  Now, add-on top of that the increase in budget to your state having to supplement Wal-Marts workers with Food Stamps, Housing benefits, Health-Care benefits and more, Wal-Mart is COSTING your community much more than they are giving. Otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to bribe you with supporting the Little League, and other various clubs.  This is how they put blinders over the eyes of the communities they move into.

English: simulated Wal-Mart logo
English: simulated Wal-Mart logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wal-Mart bans a book, and a pregnant Barbie doll, among other things and at the same time sells out of the items: magazines, bullets and guns used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting” ALL Wal-Mart in FOUR (4)  STATES Now have SOLD OUT THEIR TOTAL STOCK

 I don’t have enough words or stong enough words to convey my total and complete contempt for Wal-Mart Double Standards and hypocrisy, and self-proclaimed lack of ethics. The damage they do to communities within our states is mind-boggling and they should be held criminally liable for not accounting for each and every bullet they sell.   ~elaine ossipov 12.25.2012

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