Newt Gingrich: If Hillary Clinton Runs In 2016, Republicans ‘Incapable Of Competing’ (VIDEO)

Well, Since the Career Politician has to deal with Career Politicians and Foreign Career Politicians and Monarchy’s, don’t you think we should have someone who knows how to play the game, read between the lines and be one step ahead of them? Only someone with YEARS of experience would be able to know the difference between Xi Jinping smiles which could mean and say [ oh yes, go ahead, dumb American’s we’ll play you at your own game, buy all your companies, buy land in your nation, we will defeat you from within, we plan in centuries and my children’s children will be teaching yours Chinese] and his smile that says [ yes, this is an item we should really try to work out.]

Not to mention all the mid-east issues.

I’ll take  the most experienced person in the United States on Foreign Policy,  and one who actively serves her nation. The person with the most experience.

Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...
Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Durring her tenue at the White House, Secretary Clinton was not exactly a sit and be idle first lady, her foresight and in-depth knowledge on everything from health-care to the United Nations makes her the ideal candidate, and if she chooses to run, I will work hard to get her elected.
I’m almost ashamed to admit it as I support President Obama now but during his first election I did not support him. Myself and many people I know wrote in Hillary Clinton and voted for her.
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