European rights holders want levies on Dropbox, Google Drive


Austrian rights holders group IG Autoren made waves this past weekend with a statement that suggests it wants to broadly expand levies on storage media. Consumers in Austria already pay levies on blank CDs and DVDs. Rights holders have been advocating to expand these kinds of fees to hard drives and other forms of storage media as well, and apparently aren’t just thinking about local storage. In its newspaper, IG Autoren wrote:

“We not only want a hard disc levy, we also want a levy for the usage of the cloud.”

The statement got a lot of attention after it got picked up by a coalition opposing any kinds of levies on storage media that was founded in October by CE makers and internet companies like Apple (s AAPL), Nokia (s NOK) and Sony (s SNE). The coalition is arguing that these kinds of levies lead to a double-taxation of…

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