23 November 2012 – NCB News (14 items)(UNCLASSIFIED)

Category: Nuclear, Chemical, Biological

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> 1. RUSSIA TO DEPLOY NEW ICBM IN 2014: “Russia will deploy its newest medium-weight solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile in 2014, a military source told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.” >
> 2. PM REVIVES N-ENERGY TALKS WITH JAPAN: “PM Manmohan Singh sought to revive with Japan negotiations for peaceful use of nuclear energy, which has remained stalled since the Fukushima nuclear accident in March, 2011, in a meeting with his counterpart Yoshihiko Noda in Phnom Penh.” >
> 3. RUSSIA SPEEDS UP NUCLEAR INVESTMENT: “Russian leaders have affirmed the strategic and economic importance of nuclear technology to the country, announcing that spending will rise and a major development program will be accelerated.” >
> 4. ISHIHARA: NON-NUCLEAR STATES LACK INTERNATIONAL CLOUT: “Japan Restoration Party leader Shintaro Ishihara said Japan should “simulate” the possession of nuclear weapons as a deterrent but stopped short of calling for the nation to become a nuclear power.” >
> 5. U.K. SCIENTISTS USE FLOWERS TO DETECT NERVE AGENTS: “Scientists in the U.K. are conducting research on cultivated plants to detect chemical warfare agents.” >
> 6. ARADIGM PLAGUE TREATMENT SUCCESS REPORTED: “Researchers from the U.K. Defense Science and Technology Laboratory recently reported on the success of Aradigm Corporation’s newly developed pneumonic plague therapy.” >
> 7. U.S. CHEMICAL DEFENSE AGENCY UPDATES EQUIPMENT: “The U.S. Army has implemented the use of a new series of laboratory equipment for chemical weapons defense research at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland.” >
> 8. LABOR CALLS FOR RADIATION MONITORS IN LONDON: “Britain’s Labor Party recently warned that thousands of radiation detectors are needed to protect London from a terrorist attack.” >
> 9. SIRINGAN: PHILIPPINES DEFENSELESS AGAINST BIOTERRORISM: “The Philippines is not able to detect or stop the spread of bioterrorism attacks, according to the head of the country’s top microbiological research laboratory.” >
> 10. HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGES FACE SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL CHALLENGES: “Concerns about competition could undercut development and long-term sustainability of health information exchanges, according to preliminary findings of a survey by the eHealth Initiative.” >
> 11. LARGE DENGUE FEVER OUTBREAK IN MADEIRA SPREADS CASES IN EUROPE: “Europe is experiencing its first sustained transmission of dengue fever since the 1920s with more than 1,300 people infected with the mosquito-borne disease in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.” >
> 12. AS IRAN ACHIEVES NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAPABILITY, A RED LINE IS PASSED: “With its massive increase of operative centrifuges at a secured uranium enrichment site, Iran appears to have moved beyond the question of whether capability to build a nuclear weapon or actual acquisition of a nuclear weapon is the appropriate red line.” >
> 13. PEER SUGGESTS USING NEUTRON BOMB IN AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN: “A Labour former defence minister stunned peers today by suggesting that a neutron bomb could be used to create a “cordon sanitaire” in troubled border regions like the one between Afghanistan and Pakistan.” >
> 14. CZECH ANTI-CHEMICAL WARFARE TROOPS ARE IN JORDAN: “Czech troops are in Jordan, providing technical expertise in case Syria’s massive stockpile of chemical weapons is somehow unleashed by the Assad regime, rebels, or terrorists.” >
> NCB News Bulletin

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