The “fiscal cliff” and my Ramblings

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Graphic: Reducing the deficit in a balanced wayThe President's plan extends tax cuts for 98 percent of AmericansEliminates tax cuts for the wealthiest AmericansCuts spending by more than $3 trillionThe Results

That’s the President’s plan, but he’s not wedded to every detail. He is determined to work with Congress to find compromise and common ground. His guiding principle throughout this debate will be what’s best for the middle class. He’ll be fighting for you.

These problems are challenging, but they’re solvable. In fact, the Senate has already passed a bill to keep your taxes low. The House needs to pass it, and Congress should get it to the President as soon as possible.

There’s a lot at stake. With your help we’ll continue to move this country forward.

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[Elaine Ossipov ===>[Nothing says “I want you to support our President and the balanced approach to our federal deficient plan this holiday season”, like a good old fashioned phone call, so this holiday season we are encouraging you to contact your congressional leaders at both the house and the senate, Please express to them your desire to see this expedited through, and specifically ask them if they will support the President Fair Proposal and THE PEOPLES MANDATE to push this budget through without further ado. Please Write letters to the editors of your local papers, your local classified ads. If you’re a Small Business Owner, consider putting a sign in your window alongside a Tree Decorated in Red, White and Blue. Show Your Support. What to put on the sign you ask? One Simple Word. FORWARD

America we are all your children and we’re fighting once again for our freedoms. Only this time the enemy isn’t someone you can see, it isn’t a line our brave soldiers can draw in the sand and say “this is it, no farther, you’re not getting past me today.” No, this time we’re fighting for the American Way, our health, our children’s health and our quality of life. We’re fighting against an elusive, insidious, powerful enemy. We’re fighting against Greed and Corruption, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can’t tell if it’s standing right next to you.. So Let’s Stamp it out Once and For All from Our Democratic Process and Our Government, Let’s Start now. Let’s continue these next 4 years and beyond to build a brighter future. Forward. ]]

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