21 November 2012 – NCB News (13 items)(UNCLASSIFIED)

Category: Nuclear, Chemical, Biological

1. WEST CONCERNED ABOUT FUEL MOVE AT IRAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT: “Western officials voiced concern on Tuesday about what they described as an unexpected unloading of fuel at Iran’s first nuclear energy plant and said Tehran, which has dismissed it as a normal step, must clarify the issue.” >
> 2. IRAN DELAYS PLANNED START-UP OF ARAK NUCLEAR REACTOR: “Iran has postponed until 2014 the planned start-up of a research reactor which Western experts say could potentially offer the Islamic Republic a second route to produce material for a nuclear bomb, a U.N. report showed.” >
> 3. NUNN-LUGAR ELIMINATES FOUR BALLISTIC MISSILES: “The U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction program in September supported disposal of four submarine-fired ballistic missiles and 161.57 metric tons of chemical nerve agents, Senator Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) announced on Monday.” >
> 4. US, KAZAKHSTAN COMMISSION RADIATION DETECTION SYSTEMS AIMED AT PREVENTING NUCLEAR SMUGGLING: “The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Kazakhstan Customs Control Committee (KCCC) recently held a ceremony to commission the specialized radiation detection equipment at Astana International Airport – a significant milestone in the joint effort to prevent the illicit trafficking of nuclear and other radioactive materials.” >
> 5. U.S., TAIWAN “DISCUSSING ASSURANCES” ON SENSITIVE NUCLEAR ACTIVITIES: OFFICIALS: “The United States and Taiwan have begun “discussing assurances” that could result in the East Asian nation’s pledge to avoid sensitive nuclear activities as part of a bilateral atomic trade pact renewal, Taiwan government officials said.” >
> 6. MYANMAR TO SIGN NEW NUCLEAR SAFEGUARDS: “MYANMAR (Burma) says it will agree to new atomic safeguards that allow inspections of suspected clandestine nuclear sites, ahead of a milestone visit by US President Barack Obama.” >
> 7. THAILAND BACKS PROLIFERATION SECURITY INITIATIVE: “Thailand has become the 102nd nation to join a U.S.-led program to prevent the illegal transfer of WMD and missile components, the State Department said on Monday.” >
> 8. WORLD HEALTH AUTHORITIES ALARMED ABOUT A NEW CORONAVIRUS RELATED TO VIRUSES FROM BATS: “The virus which is causing alarm among global public health authorities after it killed a man in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia earlier this year and is now linked to two other cases of disease, is a novel type of coronavirus most closely related to viruses found in bats, according to a genetic analysis.” >
> 9. THE COCA-COLA MODEL FOR DELIVERING MALARIA MEDS IS A SUCCESS, SHOULD BE CONTINUED: “A controversial program that uses the private market to provide affordable malaria treatments to people in Africa has dramatically increased access to care and should be continued, according to a policy article by scholars including Ramanan Laxminarayan of Princeton University in the 2 November issue of the journal Science.” >
> 10. UKRAINIAN PRESIDENT TAKES MAJOR STEPS TOWARD IMPLEMENTING CWC: “Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich recently approved an action plan covering 2012-2021 to implement Kiev’s obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.” >
> 11. LARSEN: WE HAVE FALLEN INTO FAILURE OF IMAGINATION: “Colonel Randall J. Larsen, the founding director of the Bipartisan WMD Terrorism Research Center, spoke before a government subcommittee on Thursday on the subject of the importance of biopreparedness.” >
> 12. EXPERT CALLS FOR CARE IN DEVELOPMENT OF BIOSCIENCE IN ASIA: “Experts are calling for more effective management of life sciences research in Asia in order to protect against the consequences of a terrorist attack or pandemic illness.” >
> 13. U.S. – ASEAN INSPIRE INITIATIVE: “At the 2012 U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Meeting, the United States highlighted a broad and enduring commitment to building Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) capacity.” >
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