True Patriotism From the Top 1% It’s True, Read and Watch it for yourself

Wow  Patriotism is Alive, Well and Blazing New Trails in America!

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the 200 of the Richest Americans who by coming forward in this media have perhaps made our President’s Job a little less stressful, along with about 3 Million supporters and Activist. ( of which I’m one )   But more than that, you have shown your true patriotic colours, now we can just hope the republicans in congress will step up and do the right thing.  See, what most people don’t understand is this is not just about raising taxes. This is about our Military Men and Women having the right gear and good food.  It’s about having enough teachers (there’s never enough teachers.)  It’s about Everything. It’s about QUALITY OF LIFE.  What good does it do a person to have a brand new sports car if the roads driven on, are full of pot holes.  What good does it do you to take a day off to take your kids to a park where the grass isn’t cut, nothing is kept up, and rats have taken over the field.   What good is money? Except for that which you can do with it. Which you the 200 have seen fit to blaze a trail that may go down in history next to Lewis and Clark, because what you have done, is blazed a trail to our future by eliminating the oppositions argument. The trail may not be a physical one built from one side of our great nation to another, but a trail it is, bridging the distance between political parties and perhaps it’s enough to set these great folks who care so deeply for America on both sides of the isle, on a path of Healing. On a Path of Strengthening America from today forward. One can always hope. For without hope and optimism  surely all is lost.

Please view and visit their Site, Say Thanks if you’re so inclined and for me, tonight #RestoresMyFaithInMankind  and that’s good enough for now.