Why Romney Lost His Bid To Become the President of the United States


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Editorial   By Richard Kaplan | Washington DC | Monday November 19th, 2012

Recent news reports have outlined Romney’s discussions with political leaders and others including former President Bill Clinton, asking their views on why he lost the election. On the surface Romney’s attempts in this regard are both sad and pathetic. It would appear that he just cannot accept the fact that the American People rejected him and his attempt to use the tragic events of the last four years to justify removing a Democrat from the White House. If we all reflect back to 2008, our economy was in free-fall, we were engaged in two wars, along with a host of other domestic problems that frankly, can be placed at the feet of the Bush Administration. The logic of Romney’s argument was that Obama had four years to fix these problems and failed. Frankly, some problems although seemingly insurmountable, take time to fix and a time limit just cannot be placed on them. I firmly believe that the American People, or at least the 51% that voted for Obama, saw through Romney’s “Snake-Oil Salesmanship,”  and for the 51% that voted for Obama, commonsense obviously prevailed. Former President Bill Clinton suggested that Hurricane Sandy gave Obama the lead in what was an even race up to that point. Perhaps, after all it did give Obama an opportunity to act Presidential during a domestic emergency. Then again, the newspaper pundits keep a close accounting of Romney’s gaffs during the campaign, some of which simply illustrated that Romney was totally ignorant about foreign policy, which is a vitally important strength in a President. The other gaffs Romney made during the Campaign Debates and on the stump are too numerous to mention here. From a personal perspective, I firmly believe that it was the “Personality Factor” that cost Romney his bid for the White House. When you get right down to it, I think that a large segment of the American people just simply didn’t like him as a person. He is a son of privilege who is simply out of touch with the middle-class  He does not understand the problems, the hopes and the aspirations of middle-class America, but in his defense, why should he, given that he has never wanted for anything and certainly has never had to struggle for anything. More significantly, he seemingly did not understand what his stance on “Women’s Health Issues” meant to a large segment of the American population. It would appear that Romney felt that the majority of American Women in the country fell into the 47% that he was “not going to reach,” and obviously didn’t care. The sheer arrogance of the man is incomprehensible. Posting a Romney Presidential Website on the Internet before the conclusion of an election was quite simply beyond any measure of propriety. In sum, all throughout the campaign Romney stated in every speech he gave that he can “create 12 million new jobs.” If Romney is a “True Patriot,” he will share that knowledge with Obama and thus make a real contribution to America in the spirit of bi-partisan cooperation. This is just one man’s opinion.


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