19 November 2012 – NCB News (UNCLASSIFIED)

Category: Nuclear, Iran, NNSA

NCB News Bulletin

1. IRAN READY TO DOUBLE NUCLEAR WORK IN BUNKER: IAEA: “Iran is set to sharply expand its uranium enrichment in an underground site after installing all the centrifuges it was built for, a U.N. nuclear report showed on Friday, a move that could increase Western alarm about Tehran’s nuclear course.”

> 2. AS SENATE ACTION LOOMS, HOUSE LEADERS WARN AGAINST NNSA REFORM BILL: “As they look toward Senate consideration of fiscal 2013 defense authorization legislation this month, two key House lawmakers are asking the upper chamber to exclude controversial provisions that would reduce Energy Department oversight of U.S. nuclear weapons facilities.” >
> 3. NNSA COMPLETES MILESTONES FOR INITIAL STEPS IN PLUTONIUM DISPOSITION: “The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has announced that it recently completed two milestones towards production of early plutonium oxide feedstock for its Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility.” >
> 4. U.S. SETS DEAL TO ADVANCE MEDICAL ISOTOPE PRODUCTION WITHOUT HEU: “The National Nuclear Security Administration said on Thursday it would provide $22.2 million to help a Wisconsin firm prepare to produce a key medical isotope without use of weapon-grade uranium.” >
> 5. N. KOREA BUILDS DOME OVER NUCLEAR REACTOR: “North Korea has built a dome-shaped roof covering a light water reactor in Yongbyon, South Korea’s KBS TV channel reported on Thursday.” >
> 6. EXPERTS WARN OF REDUCED RESOURCES FOR WMD RESPONSE: “A government-ordered report released on Thursday found that federal resources dedicated to preparing the United States to respond and withstand a WMD attack had been reduced in a number of areas.” >
> 7. SCIENTIST URGES DHS TO SHELVE BIOWATCH UPGRADE: “The undersecretary for science and technology for the Department of Homeland Security recently advised the department’s secretary that an upgrade for the BioWatch system should be cancelled.” >
> 8. EFFECTIVE EMPLOYEE TRAINING NEEDED FOR SUCCESSFUL BIO-PREPAREDNESS: “An assessment of France’s biological and chemical threat detection network of laboratories published on November 8 determined that standardized training of laboratory personnel is a necessity for the successful detection of biological agents.” >
> 9. STUDY: ALL-HAZARDS TRAINING COULD IMPROVE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: “A study conducted by Tel Aviv, Israel-based scientists found a strong connection between preparedness procedures for different types of emergencies after they evaluated emergency procedures in multiple local hospitals.” >
> 10. CANADIAN STUDY SHOWS AIRBORNE TRANSMISSION OF EBOLA: “Breakthrough research from the Canadian National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease and the National Microbiology Laboratory has raised concerns about possible airborne inter-species transmission of the deadly Ebola virus.” >
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