14 November 2012 – NCB News (16 items)(UNCLASSIFIED)

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> Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 10:52:17 -0500
> Subject: 14 November 2012 – NCB News (16 items)(UNCLASSIFIED) >
> 14 November 2012
> NCB News Bulletin
> 1. NUKE LAB SYSTEM TO COST $41 MILLION TO FIX: “The estimate for fixing a new but inoperable $213 million security system at the nation’s nuclear bomb lab has doubled, officials with Los Alamos National Laboratory confirmed Friday.” >
> 2. US, RUSSIA COMMISSION TRAINING CENTER, REAFFIRM COMMITMENT TO SECURE NUCLEAR MATERIAL: “The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Internal Affairs-Internal Troops (MVD-IT) today announced the commissioning of the Ozersk Training Center (OTC) during a ceremony held in Ozersk, Russia.” >
> 3. UN NUCLEAR CHIEF: CLEAN-UP ONGOING AT IRAN SITE: “The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog says apparent efforts by Iran to dismantle a suspected nuclear site are continuing ahead of a visit by agency officials next month.” >
> 4. NORTH KOREA IS STILL AT WORK ON MISSILES, INSTITUTE STUDY SAYS: “Satellite imagery indicates North Korea has been testing rocket engines, a sign that it continues to develop its long-range ballistic missiles, a U.S. academic institute said Monday.” >
> 5. UN NUCLEAR SECURITY BODY SEES NEW RULES FINALLY IN PLACE BY 2014: “New global rules aimed at stopping terrorists getting hold of nuclear materials should finally come into force in 2014 – nine years after countries agreed they were sorely needed, a senior U.N. official said on Monday.” >
> 6. MIDDLE EAST NUCLEAR TALKS FACE LIKELY DELAY: DIPLOMATS: “Potentially divisive talks planned for next month on banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East may be postponed, diplomats said on Tuesday, a development likely to anger Arab states but please Israel.” >
> 7. ANTI-TERRORISM EXPERT ADVISES AGAINST BIOWATCH UPGRADE: “A Homeland Security Department undersecretary has told Janet Napolitano she has doubts about a new version of the nation’s troubled system for detecting a biological attack.” >
> 8. TURKEY SAYS THREAT OF SYRIAN CHEMICAL STRIKE CAN BE COUNTERED: “Turkish President Abdullah Gul in a Monday interview with the Financial Times said the danger of Syria launching missiles armed with chemical warheads at his country could be neutralized by Patriot missiles.” >
> 9. GLOBAL MONITORING OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN DOGS AND CATS TO PROTECT HUMANS: “Most emerging infectious diseases of humans come from animals. International health agencies monitor these diseases, but they do so only for humans and livestock, not for companion dogs and cats. A new study recommends a global system is needed to monitor infectious diseases of companion dogs and cats.” >
> 10. U.S. ARMY DEVELOPS SUCCESSFUL EBOLA VACCINE: “More than a decade of collaborative U.S. Army and biopharmaceutical industry research has resulted in the development of a promising Ebola antibody treatment.” >
> 11. STRUCTURAL MODELS MAY AID IN BIOTERROR THREAT TRACKING: “Researchers from the Arlington, Virginia-based Applied Research Associates, Inc., recently published a study demonstrating the value in the structural modeling of biological terrorist attacks and naturally-occurring outbreaks.” >
> 12. FDA EMPLOYEE SPEAKS ON COUNTERTERRORISM: “Luciana Borio, a counterterrorism expert for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), spoke about her involvement in the prevention of bioterrorism and emergent diseases at Catholic University on Monday.” >
> 13. RUSSIA MAY NOT BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH BWC: “A biological weapons expert and annual government declarations have questioned if Russia is in compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention, which entered into force in 1975.” >
> 14. U.S. SAYS BWC MUST ADAPT TO CHANGING REALITIES: “During a recent review conference on the Biological Weapons Convention, the United States representative said that the world must adapt to the changing nature of the threat posed by biological weapons.” >
> 15. OPEN ACCESS INITIATIVE HELPS NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASE DRUG EFFORT: “The potential of openly sharing drug development data for neglected or rare diseases was aptly demonstrated with this week’s announcement of the identification of three promising compounds targeting the treatment of trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis.” >
> 16. DHS TRIES MONITORING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SIGNS OF BIOLOGICAL ATTACK: “The Homeland Security Department has commissioned Accenture to test technology that mines open social networks for indications of pandemics, according to the vendor.” >
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