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UN envoy warns about human trafficking in PH
By Agence France-Presse
The Philippines has failed to curb the huge problem of human trafficking in recent years, despite high-profile government efforts and the country’s removal from a US watchlist, a UN envoy says.
Human trafficking on the rise in Milwaukee – 620 WTMJ
Children bought and sold for sex. It’s happening in our own backyard. Human trafficking is a growing problem in the Milwaukee area.
NYTimes: The Travel Industry Takes On Human Trafficking | ECPAT
By Michelle
Today’s special edition of the NYTimes Giving Section featured an article entitled, The Travel Industry Takes On Human Trafficking about the impressive role travel and tourism companies have taken to end human trafficking. There is still much
Human Trafficking expert visits Holt | The Holt Journal
By macaulmarie4
Human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings for labor or in most cases for women and girls, sex. Most people who have heard about human trafficking know that this occurs in areas such as Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. What many
The Holt Journal
Missing Iowa Cousins: Victims of Human Trafficking? | Gather
By Jessica Knight
It has come to the attention of Iowa residents that there may be a human trafficking issue, right in Americas heartland. Nearly 4 months ago, Lyric…
Gather News Channel
IRD Blog: Human Trafficking and Joseph Kony’s “Wife” « Juicy
By theird
By Mikhail Bell Most American 16-year-olds anticipate the thrill of finally receiving a driver’s license and junior prom. Across the …Continue reading »
Juicy Ecumenism