Should I follow or not? Twitter me this and twitter me that, I may not Follow – but I #always Followback

  Elaine’s Rules #2  Twitter – #Always Follow back, it’s just the polite thing to do.

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I currently have five Twitter & Klout & GPlus accounts even more Facebook pages I am responsible for.  There are some days/nights when I have massive identity crisis.

WHO AM I?!?!?!?!?


“Do we even have a hat for that boss? ?!!?!”  

But it all works out in the end, and I love my twitter buddies. The boss isn’t too bad either, bit of a tyrant, but hey, as my husband would say “Cat’s can’t drink milk all the time.”

It had to be a man who made up that saying! I’m a cat, and I’ll drink milk any time I damn well please , looks alot like my my psycobi**h smile, but not on purpose honest!

I love my Twitter buddies, each one is special, each one is very talented in their fields.

Each and everyone of the eight-thousand plus followers I have, of those whom I have personally met or had conversations with I have found to be the nicest people.  Sure sure, once in a while I’ve met a few whom I wouldn’t give a plug nickle for, but they are very few and far between.  These people  are  funny and kind and willing to help each other out with tweets we laugh and joke and talk of life, the good the bad the fears the joys and at the end of the day, all it boils down to here, in America,  or any other country is that at the end of the day, we want a meal, a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in.  We want our children educated, and sin of all the sin’s we would like our children to maybe have more than we do or to be able to give them a better life.   At the end of the day, when all is said and done, no matter which country it was done in, or which language it was said in.  We want peace, freedom to make  our own choices a hot meal, and hopefully something in our pockets. If not, hey, if you have the roof, hot meal, and bed to sleep in, then tomorrows another day and maybe another fifty cents.

Why do I protect my Twitter followers you ask?

That’s a really good question, and let me give you what I believe to be a good response.


In one word, and it’s just that simple.  This is our online community, why wouldn’t we protect it as we would our physical community?

I could say in one word “Community”  but then that doesn’t explain why.  Community is very important to me.  These are my neighbors,  Yes, they live in Argentina, and I live in the US So?  Do you know how small the word has become lately?  In less time than it takes to blink your eye  a tweet can leave Fairbanks Alaska and be received in Melbourne Australia.   That’s really fast.  See, there are people on twitter who are just regular people like you and I.  They have a job to do and they are doing it.  There is no spam in it.  There’s nothing offensive about it.  I have a PG rated Twitter stream, almost everyone respects that, so there’s no cussing and foul language, there’s noone spamming us with Amazon Gift Cards. The music people share music, the handmade items people share what they have made, the services business share their latest service offering, and through out all of this, we talk back and forth, share pictures, share good things we’ve found while surfing,  talk about how thankful  and glad we are that friends are safe, and pray for those who aren’t.  Talk about politics, and I don’t mean we fight about it, I mean we discuss it.  Why does George think Obama Care is the way to go for now?  What was that last decision the supreme court made?  And did you see the Wall Street Journal’s article on…” Can you believe that’s going on…?  ”  so the most offensive thing you will see is if you’re a really hard core right winger.  But hey, you’re always welcome to join us for a healthy clean debate.  And we actually hold our standards much higher than  some and I meant these %&*^&% ,  not your neighbors.

After all, it is their Tweets which provide the great content allowing for the 9 separate newspapers I publish each day.

And we hope to expand on this in the future as soon as the boss figures out how to clone me.

My  Twitter accounts are  are @eosspov and @ActivismRocks @AnacortesRocks, @ASPWired, TWMembers. I bet you can tell which one Tweets about the 99Percent and which one Tweets about Human Rights and Trafficking eh?  Well, just in case I’ve made a list of things down below for two of the accounts. All of these accounts have a global Twitter stream. Meaning many people from all walks of life, all languages and all countries.  I really love having a global twitter stream. This is one of the true joys in my life, and I can honestly say I have friends from all around the world. I have had a twitter stream for just over a year now.

The really “hard marketing people” have been weeded out and what’s left is real people Tweeting about real things which are important to them. And of course people are always following and following back.  I have a very strict rule about that, You follow me, I follow you. At some point we’re going to be re-tweeting each other, or helping each other when asked  and the world is good.

Those who don’t follow back have no intention of re-tweeting you or ever helping you out if you really need it, or if you really need some information to go viral.    

That cute little small bird grew a few feet in my eys over the last few days.
That cute little small bird grew a few feet in my eys over the last few days.

Their only concern is to spread their own message.  I consider this pollution of my twitter stream.  

I am active in the area of sustainability and hence, I  believe whole heatedly in non-pollution, why would I not apply the same concept to my twitter stream?People who follow me and un-follow get put on a list which states “UnfollowedMeFollowBack” (might want to make sure your software didn’t un-follow me on accident. If you follow me and unfollow me multiple times, well, then you get put on my black list.  This is a  list which goes out for publication now and then.  I state very clearly at least twice a day that I #F4F¹ #AFB² and #U4U³.  There is an exception to this rule. That is, if you are a certified, card carrying member of one of the Top News Agencies.  What is happening to our Journalist all over the world is just tragic.  Hence again, I protect our Journalist.  Also, I think it should be considered paramount to killing a member of the UN or the RED CROSS or DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.    Kill a Journalist just trying to record history.. well, perhaps you should become history yourself.  (getting cranky in my old age arn’t I?)  I think the stint down in Mexico where six Journalist were just killed was the straw that broke the camels back.  Why I had to wait for it, I don’t know and those thoughts need to wait for a day when I just have less things to do.

Here is a tag cloud for the persons who follow me.

#1 #10thwall #aaaw #afb #all #alltop #always #autofb #autofollowback #childabuse  #children  #dangerroom  #diying  #dt   #elaineossipov #endviolence  #f0ll0w_the_best  #f4f#facebook   #family_p_o__w_e_r✔  #famous   #fantasticfriday  #fb  #ff #ffme #follow #follow4follow#followback #followeveryday #followfriday #following #followmonday #follownow #follows #followsaturday #followsunay  #followthursday #followtuesday#freepress#gratitude #happysaturday #highparkfire #humanrights #humantrafficking #hwr #influencers #itunes#journalism #klout #kloutforgood #mega #mustfollow #nasa #news #nibletz #occupy #ows #perceptiontnt #police#politics #prodmgmt #publivzla #rt #rts #rueters #s_o #shoutout #startup #startups #starups #stopchildabuse #survivor#teamfollowback #tech #tfb #thankyou #togetherwecanmakeadifference #top #toprecommenders #torture #tru #true#truth #tysvm #tƱesԺą¥ #u4u #un #unfollow #unfollow4unfollow  #warlord#wildlifetrade #womensrights #wordpress #worldnews #wwf #ƬЯ∪

@eossipov tweets about #world #News #99pct #anon #startups #venture captalists, #tech #wp and other fun things I find while on the internet.

@ActivismRocks tweets about #UN, #CivilRights #HumanRights #WorldNews #HummanTrafficking #WomensRights #ChildrensRights and I try and throw in some video’s which give a person a completely different view of a country than what would be considered the “standard” view.  Learning:  it’s a process 🙂

Stay tuned, next week it’s all about my twitter lists.

  Twitter me this and  twitter me that, I may not Follow –  but I #always Follow back

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