Awareness: Unexploded Munitions Leaking into Mexican Gulf Could Pose Serious Threat to Shipping Lanes


International Dialogue of Underwater Munitions 

This is an ongoing for some years now and it is always good to bring it to light.  The fact is a joint study between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) and the Research and Technology Organization did a joint environmental impact study and published it in February 2010.  The original study is located here.   In addition the International Dialogue of Underwater Munitions which includes such organizations such as the United Nations is located here, click here.

The current year’s findings have not been published that I can find, but I believe the conference is still in sessions.

September 28, 2012

Bombs In Gulf Of Mexico Pose Big Problems

Millions of pounds of unexploded bombs and other military ordinance  were dumped decades ago in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as off the coasts of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, could now pose serious threats to shipping lanes and the 4,000 oil and gas rigs in the Gulf, warns two Texas A&M University oceanographers.

William Bryant and Neil Slowey, professors of oceanography who have more than 90 years of combined research experience in all of the Earth’s oceans, along with fellow researcher Mike Kemp of Washington, D.C., say millions of pounds of bombs are scattered over the Gulf of Mexico and also off the coasts of at least 16 states, from New Jersey to Hawaii.

Bryant says the discarded bombs are hardly a secret. “This has been well known for decades by many people in marine science and oceanography,” he explains.

He will give a presentation in San Juan, Puerto Rico Monday (Oct. 1) about the bombs to a group of oceanographers and marine scientists in a conference titled “International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions.”