Year ago Elaine’s day on October 6, 2011

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A Year Ago Today: A Comparison of Elaine Ossipov’s Yearly Changes

Hi, I hope you like this little section of humor, I found this very kewl little application Called timehop

It Returns your Facebook Status Messages, Tweets and even your Chat conversations if you want.

I think it’s very cute, so lets look a my last year Oct.06,2011 and compare it with today!

To get started, simply click on the next tab.

October 06 2011, My Life Last year
On October 06, 201
Life: status: Yep, I’m here. Amazing, I made it another year!
Symba: Status: yep, he’s here sleeping behind my chair. Wow, and he’s sleeping there now too! Ok, well, he’s not sleeping he’s pouting because I won’t take him outside to play with the rabbit and squirrel, but if those racoons came out, they would make mincemeat pie of him in about 3 seconds flat. I love my buddy, he’s staying here with me.
Work Status: it will be here after I wake up. Yep, that hasn’t changed one bit from last year, still so much work I can’t fnish it all.
Love :status: Mr. Ossipov Sir, I can’t wait until you get home one day. Interestingly, I can’t even remember where Dmitri was last year on Oct. 06th, but it wasn’t home. Again, some things remain the same. lol
309003_10150839417430254_657460622_n Yep Not much has changed in this area either..hahaha, interesting how so much and so little can change.Blessed be.