Monday Morning Humour Or is it?

Monday Morning Humour!  But is it really?

Anacortes Wa. | Elaine Ossipov | Auguest 28th, 2012

To Start off with a little background, I had Posted an image of Romney on my FB Page with a comment about taxes, and the amount of taxes we pay. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind paying taxes especially when I am getting something for them. But I do believe that taxes should be proportional, and the middle class is always left holding the ball on many of the tax issues, not just federal taxes, but local, state taxes also. School Board Levy’s, Swimming Pool Bonds and a whole host of items. This is where the post started on Facebook. I will post it below in the follow-up’s so if you would like to read it you may. In addition I am inviting the three participants on that posting to comment here as well. ~e

(typeing to Maria, the last commentator on the FB Post)
I’m just reading this and finding it rather humorous.  See, I know Douglas, having lived, fought, served his country, and now living in China has seen both the best and the worst life has to offer.  He’s lived the simplest life of a Buddhist  and a most complicated as a soldier.  I know Dave  is about the same so these are two guys who, whether or not they realize it, are fighting for the same point, which is basically ‘by the people, for the people”  Under different circumstances, these two would be thick as thieves. But I think it’s a Male thing, and mostly I think everyone is  so sick of this they can’t see straight,  it has gotten to a point that people are just getting angry by it all.  They are Angry the government is getting in  their face, they are angry at loosing rights, they are angry of programs being cut, they are furious it costs 25.00 for a steak and 5.00 for a loaf of bread. They are angry at the crimes and guns in the streets. Those who are involved in politics are just getting angry that nothing is resolved.  Proof of this is last weeks headlines.  We’re still fighting Roe vs. Wade the Supreme Courts landmark decision from back in 1973. It’s been 40 years, almost a half of century later, and we’re still fighting it today. Why? It was put to a vote and decided. Why is it continually being allowed to be an issue in politics. It is a very personal issue, and has no place in politics. 

For the Record, I am a 99 percent, I LIVE a 99 percent life.  I believe in 99percent and support OWS. Right now ICELAND IS MY HERO!   Is my motto. I sincerely hope you take the time to watch that short video and if you are not familiar with the catylist for the current state of the global financial system, that short video is an excellent place to start.  Here’s why the Icelandic people are my heroes   Their wall street big boys actually did worse to them and their country.  Perhaps there were just less people and a smaller country, never-the-less, there was not a single person left unaffected by their greed.  They left the country financially ruined, all banks having failed and to top it off they left it owing a huge debt to England. But the Icelandic people said enough is enough, we draw the line here and now.  The average everyday people got together and literally went down to their capital with nothing more than pots and pans in their hands to clobber someone with and removed their current corrupt and indifferent leaders and put them in jail to stand trial for their crimes.  They elected there and then a whole new government, one which I seriously doubt will be corrupted again for many years. Then when foreign governments wouldn’t extradite the Bankers and Financial People  who made Billions off of the fiasco and left everyone who was working, or not working or single parents or  fishermen, emphasising the  everyone part, financially destroyed, destitute with no means of survival and leaving all the banks failed and broke, (much worse than our depression of the 40’s, well,  then the Icelandic people went to where-ever these people were, and physically took them back to Iceland to stand trial for their crimes.  <== In my mind, this is exactly how government should work. By the people and For the People! My husband and I pay so much in taxes because we have no tax write off’s. We could buy a second house and it would pay for itself, considering most of the closing and all the interest is a write off.  My husband and I  need to do that.  Which reminds me how I ended up here in a cozy little house  a new refrigerator   my buddy Symba, and one heavy duty Train heater, and a gas fireplace,  instead of on the street as a bag lady.  Almost everyone, 99,% of the folks over 35 in America fear ending up homeless.   There are many poor people that just need a hand up. I was one. I was on government programs, like the Pell Grant, and the Personal Responsibility and Work  Opportunity Act program which allowed me, as a single mom while going to school full-time, to receive Government help based on my income. I believe this could have been commonly referred to as the Welfare to Work Act. In other words, I received food stamps some months and up to $795.00 per month in financial aid. I would again like to stress the up-to part of that last sentence.  But, you could only be on that program for four years. This program also required  ten hours per week of work compounded yearly until the fourth year when the programs requirements included working forty hours a week.  I received a student grant from another program that  purchased my first ever Microsoft compiler. This was a windfall for me then. A single mom, going to school, no financial help from anyone.  It cost $695.00 almost 15 years ago for the student/teacher edition.  I would never have been able  to buy this.  More importantly I never would  have received an education if these programs had not been place.  Nor would I be able to pay the taxes I do today, had I not received an education. <==

 I would never have been able  to buy this or have received an education if these programs had not been place.  Nor would I be able to pay the taxes I do today, had I not received an education. <==

This is the important side of the coin which Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan fail to disclose in their plan, along with increased crime, increased stress on the community run resources, increased stress on our judicial system because of the increase in crime. Then let us not forget the increase stress on the prison system as a result, or the governments paid education of the criminals.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, criminals get a free education, it’s just us law-abiding citizens who have to pay for it.  Don’t take me wrong, I would never ever fault a person for getting an education any way they can get it.  I just fault the system that gives it to criminals freely, while us poor and getting poorer middle class have to pay for it ourselves.  Can’t prisoner’s do something useful like, I dunno,  but sometimes I do think China has it right in that regard.   As the current work force enters retirement stage, the next work force needs to step in and fill those shoes, and pay those taxes.  No Education,  No Training Programs, whose left to pay  taxes of the next generation? Oh, that’s right, that’s Romney’s other big push, Let’s outsource it!  

The above programs and more are only a small part of the Educational Cuts Governor Romney has planned. He plans on eliminating the Pell Grant program completely. then raise  interest rates on Student Loans to like 13%. Now, this is a pretty slick plan, he’s figured out how to keep those who might make it out of poverty, in poverty. The latest data is from 2010 and the average cost for a 4-year college education was at $32, 184.  After Adjusting for inflation, these costs still increased a minimum of 25-32% since the 1999-2000 school year, the last year I was in attendance  I didn’t go back to school until I was 34.   With the Romney-Ryan plan and using a standard amortization calculator; a Student having just received a degree will be paying back 480.00 per month for a ten-year period to repay their Student Loans.  An increase due to interest the Federal Government would now receive is $185.00 per month for every person in america who has a Student Loan.  At the current rate of 18, 528,000 students enrolled that is $3,427,680,000,that’ 3.4billion per month or 411.3Billion per year of  increased revenue from the increased interest of the Student Loans office.  Of course it won’t work, more and more will file for bankruptcy and again a domino effect of failure on our economic front. I’d have said “I think he’s out of his mind.” Except for the fact that my education has shown me, that those in control of the masses or those who seek to control the masses can only do so in  two ways. Fear and ignorance. The best example of this is the dark ages when the church was in control and no one but the priests were taught to read. Because only the priest was wise enough to interpret the bible.  Almost every one can  read now  and certainly enlightened enough to know god has no use for our money. If he wants some it’s just a thought away and nothing we do makes a hill of beans.  But we wouldn’t know this if we couldn’t read. And if I hadn’t had basic economics and world history I wouldn’t know that Romney financials to our government are  no different from his financial background which is Going in, Stripping “It” Clean, and Either Closing it, or Leaving it to Fail within months. That’s exactly what will happen with the government, the big business is going to now strip it clean and leave it’s shriveled dried up carcass for the middle class to attempt to revive and failing that to establish a new government.

I have voted Democrat and I have voted  Republican, in fact, Until Clinton’s Presidency, I voted Straight Republican, but throughout President Clinton’s administration I noticed many things in life getting better.  I took a good look at the cause and effect his policies and programs where having on our population.  President Clinton came in after Bush’s Father put us into ruin,  I was living in Alaska then and the Alaska economy (housing) did exactly what California’s and other places did under the son’s rein.  I think the Bush’s used Alaska as a testing ground to see if their plan³ would work.  Then President Clinton came in and I thought we’d be in ruin. Throughout his first term things were a little shaky, he was spending a ton of money on programs and no one knew if anything was working.  But he got a second term and things got better. Life got better, and if you look under his financial roadmap (which btw, the Clintons, both President and Mrs. Clinton tried desperately at the time to rein in medical care/cost/insurance companies)  under his governance the American people did extremely well in all regards. But relatively speaking the parties worked together, and compromised a little more back then. Now, it’s a pissing contest between two parties that  should be disbanded, under the laws of prejudice. Because both parties are so extremely prejudicial towards the other, if they were a corporation, they would be fined and the leaders imprisoned for prejudice against one minority or the other. Instead WE allow it to continue on, and when I say we I mean exactly we, us, our, all of us, the American People. Personally, I’m making a contingency plan. I hear Costa Rica is pretty good. Our own citizens participating in the Move-On/Occupy-Wall-Street/99% movments, disatisfied with the government and corruption  in America  counted in the Hundreds of Thousands of people Protesting on our Streets nightly, and Egypt got more Press than our own protester’s did.  The media, controlled by big business advertising, put such a negative spin on it that the Average American does not know what was going on in the streets of their own cities and consider the movement just ‘a few people who are unhappy.’ Those few people number more than the populations of Washington, Oregon and Idaho combined and then some. The  Average American,   is too busy trying to feed their family, keep a roof over their head all the while praying their children, Johnny and Susan don’t need to get braces because that $25,000 per child cost is not covered on their medical plan.  The media portrayed the protesters as an unwanted imposition. How dare the protester’s make them get out of their nice warm office and out into the cold of the night.  Most of the protesters didn’t have a warm office to leave, they had lost their jobs in the recession and due to the wall-street fiasco they lost their homes shortly after their jobs.  As I said earlier most of the Average Americans are too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads and here’s the chart to  prove it.  I always thought I started working young, full-time at 13, but here you can see the government is taking records for all those persons who work from age 15 and up.  How many 15 year olds do we have working in the United States?  Shouldn’t they be in School?


I’m ashamed of how our government is stripping our Civil rights away One by One. Little by Little.  I am Ashamed of Cities like Chicago, where men on the police force are not only targeted but stalked by gangs and shot in their own homes. (why? well, we don’t know do we.)   I am Ashamed and horrified that states are removing the right to have unions.  Because if anyone studied Economics they will know the Unions are what guarantee’s a Middle Class.  I am very ashamed we are losing our rights to protest!  Isn’t that what made this such a great country?  That we could protest and gather civilly without violence to show our dissatisfaction?  I am terribly Ashamed to hear from other countries media how the American Media is ‘blacking out’ our protesters.

I love my flag and I love my country. My great-grandfather, my grandfather, my father all fought for this country physically fought, killed other people to make sure their descendents would be SAFE in their homes  while they slept.  They fought to make sure we  retained the rights endowed by our constitution.

I wish I was smarter than I am.  My mother used to say “I wish I had a crystal ball, then I would have all the answers for you, but I don’t,”   Me too mom, me too.  The fact is, here I am again, am I ranting for nothing?  Will anything I say here and now in this post make a difference? No one knows the answer.  I most certainly do not.  So what do I know?

  1. What I do know is that everyone having insurance does nothing when 50% of the people who filed bankruptcy do so because of a medical issue, and 75% of those HAD medical insurance initially.
  2. Requiring everyone to have medical insurance does nothing for the thousands of people who come into our country and get free medical care. (not that I’d turn them away my heart wouldn’t let me, I’m just stating the facts here.)
  3. Requiring people to have insurance does nothing for the millions of people who are in-car accidents with persons who have no insurance. Who by the way are also required to have insurance! HA!
  4. Your own insurance company has more rights to reclaim  financial loss than you do even if you are disabled for life AND were paying them 800.00 per month for your insurance for years.
  5. Ah, Ah, Ah, :::: waving my hand in the air:::::  Don’t tell me they don’t I live it, and had one of the best insurance policies offered in the US and triple the required amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist.

Between Big Business pointing their financial 357-magnum  at our Media and the Big Insurance Companies who, lets just say it and call and apple an apple,  are the real culprits of our medical system.  Do you think middle America stands a Chance?

Let me just pose one more question here,  this is something that has bugged me for a while now:

  • So lets just think about this scenario for a few moments.
    • An American where: doctors did not have to carry medical malpractice insurance and have three attorneys on retainer¹¹
    • What If  hospitals did not have to twice that many attorneys  on staff and retainer?
    • What if doctors and care-providers did not have to hire a specially trained, highly trained,  administrative assistants to work with the different insurance companies.
    • That goes for the hospital too.
  • Why don’t we all just pay the amount we’re paying to our insurance companies directly to the “melting pot” of Medical/Dental/Vision, Health care services in our own Communities?

I’m curious how much of our current medical costs in the United State People could be saved.  It’s a snake eating it’s tail, only its way past the tail point. So here we are again, protecting the rights of the few who are mis-fortunate, and hurting the many who were not.

¹2007-Present Recession of the United States      ² Global Recession

³ Plan: Honestly I have no idea, but I do believe the coincidence is a little too coincidental. Was there some sort of slight of hand? While all out focus was on Afghanistan and Iran was there some obscure policy or regulation changed that had a domino affect?

¹¹ I was having coffee with and acquaintance one day a few years ago who happened to be one of many of our  local doctors, I was shocked to my core to learn  it is very routine for doctors to have law suits filed against them.  People even file a law suit against a doctor for *Not* prescribing them a  narcotic pain killer. So here we are back to the same issue I was speaking of in my “A Culture of Contridictions”

This Map Shows the Number of Children Living in poverty by congressional district. These are the children Mr. Romney Says he’s not giving food stamps to anymore.

Please Write To Your Congressional District and ask them what they plan to do about feeding all these children if Mr. Romney is Elected!  exchange limits and restrictions for 186 countries since 1950.    International Monetary Fund


 Fear of Homelessness:  All it takes is some stupid aRs3 out there driving with no insurance to hit you. You needing years of therapy and treatment and and still will never being able to work again.  This is everyone’s nightmare because almost everyone personally knows someone it’s happened to.  This issue scares all people my age these days.

For less than a couple hundred bucks a YEAR you can get what is called an Umbrella Plan that would cover ‘anything your other insurance doesn’t’  It’s worth the money to sleep a little better at night.


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    1. Yes, and it seems to me that folks of color could not vote, and although it is not talked about more, and surprisingly so, many were here as indentured servants to pay off their passage over. I could be wrong, but I do not believe the indentured servants could vote either. I do find it interesting this item is not brought up more in discussions. It was widely practiced and considered perfectly acceptable by those who could not afford either passage or debt payment of some kind to become indentured for a period of 2-10+ years.


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