Culture & Contradictions : Chicago and Gang Violence.

Culture & contradictions : Chicago and Gang Violence.

 Part 3 of a series on the Contradictions in the American Culture.

Author: Elaine Ossipov July 9, 2012 10:50am

In Reply to the Huffington Post article located here. by Janet Tavakoli  Titled

Third World America 2012: A Country At War With Itself

In the United States  we focus on the rights of the person, the individual,  and rightly so.  We have made a mantra of  Presumption of Innocence Until Proven Guilty by a Court of Law.”  Our Civil Rights created on this statement, or this statement created our Civil Rights.  But there is also the rights of the many. The rights of the Community as a whole which are overlooked in many of the situations today.

When does the rights of the Many out-weigh the rights of the few?

In this situation we have community terrorized by gangs.  It’s time we passed laws that dealt with terrorist on a national level with regards to gangs. In this situation the police force is terribly undermanned and in fear itself. The members of the police force stalked and targeted.  This isn’t just a “gang’ of kids which have banded together out of hopelessness, this is a group of terrorists undermining the hard work of all the legislation and elected officials which have all helped to create a community environment up until this point.  Let’s call an apple and apple and a terrorist a terrorist.   Whether this gang is Al-Qaeda or 6 snakes from Omaha is irrelevant. The fact is “a group of people are indiscriminately targeting persons and executing actions based on eliciting the greatest fear possible resulting  bodily harm or death of their targets.” (sounds like a terrorist)

Let’s call an apple and apple and a terrorist a terrorist.

If America has to start changing laws to protect the many from the few, I hate to think of the consequences on a national level which could arise and the loss of Civil Rights. What might a ‘gang’ definition be?  With broad sweeping repercussions of legislation which is not targeted enough to deal with only previously and known violent offenders it could include the Knitting Group at the country Fair.   Having said that, I think it’s also time we passed some laws which protect the “majority” and not the minority. The minority in this case is the gangs, while the majority is the public.

Is it time America turns her head to the rights of the many instead of the rights of the ‘one’ I think it is coming to that, imho. American’s are tired of it. Tired of the fear, the fighting, the bad guys always wining, what we are teaching our children is not to grow up as honest, hard-working Americans, what we are teaching them is:

  • If  you have money and are well-connected you can perpetrate  the most wide-reaching scam on the American Public leaving Millions Homeless and it’s ok.. you don’t have to go to jail, you don’t even have to give back the money you stole.  Congress via the Middle Class paycheck will bail out the banks.
  •  If  you have people watching your back and willing to go the distance with you and protect you then you can also do whatever you want.
  • That Laws are not made to hold all people accountable but only those who people are not scared of. i.e.
    • Wealthy and well-connected  = ignore the laws, they are not made for you.
    • Wielding semi-automatic on our streets. Have people to back you up? =  The laws are not made  for you either.

What we are teaching our children is to ignore the laws of a civilized society and to only look out for yourself and only for your best interest.

Can’t Chicago call in the National Guard? Declare a state of emergency in this situation, with the rate of murders you’d think it would be possible, if it’s not possible, perhaps there is a way temporary  emergency legislation is passed to make it possible.

Yes, it is time money was out of politics. Yes, it is time money was out of News broadcasting too.

Yes, it is time money was out of politics. Yes, it is time money was out of News broadcasting too. If congress can pass a law, giving broadcasters the right to use public airwaves in return for 1 hour of news per day, then it’s also time for congress to amend that piece of legislation  to include NO SPONSORS. Let Journalism get back to being Journalism. Let irresponsible broadcasters be brought to quarter for irresponsible reporting. Why is it, broadcasters can  sensationalize, hype up, write headlines which start controversy and have little or nothing to do with “facts” ?.

Broadcasters can sensationalize, hype up, write headlines which start controversy and have little or nothing to do with “facts”

America is going through many growing pains now. On a personal note I try to have faith in our America, I was once very proud of this country. Now I am almost embarrassed being an American.  Yet, I want to keep the faith, to know that there are persons out there which do have the best interests of the ‘whole’ in mind, and not the best interests of the lobbies which lines their pocket.

I was OWS, and 99percent, and I guess I still am to a degree, but more than either of these designations I am an American.  I am also very unhappy with the way our country is ran now.  BOTH political parties are at fault in addition to those elected.

BOTH Democrats and Republicans are at fault in addition to those elected.

It’s time all American’s rally together stopping exploitation of our middle-class,  exploitation of our poverty-class. It’s time we put a stop to it. Call a Bad guy a bad guy, a terrorist a terrorist. Isn’t the Wall street fiasco exactly the same, just because they wielded a pen instead of a semi-automatic does not make their crimes any less terrible for those they perpetrated upon? Terrorism can take many forms. After-all isn’t that really what this is about?

Laws  ONLY work when all are held equally to the justice system.

#AmericaGetYourActTogether. #StopMoneyInPolitics #AAAW
~elaine ossipov
An Average American Woman.


UPDATE: August 30th, 2012 |Contradictions In Our Culture

Elaine Ossipov | Compilation of Chicago Gang Violence
Reposted in it’s Entirety from CBS News:
View the video here:

(CBS News) CHICAGO – Chicago is in the grips of a deadly gang war. At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night. They survived.

Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city– versus 100,000 gang members.

“Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the gangs,” Little said. “When there’s a shooting we’ll respond to the shooting. We’ll figure out where we believe the most likely area for retaliation is and we’ll work that area trying to both prevent retaliation and possibly build a case on offenders.”

CBS News rode along with Little’s team as dusk fell on poor neighborhoods of vacant lots and high anxiety.

“The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there’s really nobody keeping things in check,” Little said. The leaders are mostly in prison — or dead. Those left are young, reckless, and often terrible shots.

In Chicago hospital, “collateral damage” of gang war never subsides
Emanuel: Chicago’s escalating crime about “values”
Chicagoans trapped between heat and crime

“Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,'” Little said. The result is a spate of shootings that have killed or wounded young children, even toddlers.

Heaven SuttonHeaven Sutton (Credit: CBS News)

The victims include 7-year old Heaven Sutton, at left, shot to death selling candy outside her house. Ten-year old Kitanna Peterson, at left, was playing by a fire hydrant when she was shot last week. A stray bullet went through her wrist and abdomen.

“We care about the grandmother that lives in the Graystone who’s raising her grandkids. We care about the guy who’s a hard-working stiff who gets up in the morning and works two jobs,” Little said.

The police are also establishing a data base gleaned from interviews with the gang members themselves — on their whereabouts, grudges or habits — to anticipate trouble before it erupts. Some businesses that serve as hideouts will also be shuttered.

Kitanna Peterson, 10, was among those shot amid high temperatures in Chicago.

(Credit: CBS News)

Little responds to a man with a gun call. In just two hours, we witnessed repeated stops, searches and arrests.

“They are smart enough and savvy enough to have people run interference, to have plausible stories, to have a whole system of things they can bring up to try to interfere with us doing our jobs,” Little said. “They know we’re out there and that has an effect on what they’re willing to do.”

He sees the same people “all the time.”

Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.

It’s “tribal warfare,”¹ he said, “and as it continues to build unless we manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood to stop boiling, the heat to die down.”

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