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Calling all Writers and Journalist:

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Are you a Journalist specializing in global issues?

Are you a writer specializing in the atrocities happening to woman and children on a global scale? 

Are you a writer looking to gain exposure?

Do you feel strongly about the rights women and children should have The right to not be beaten or taken into slavery?

Are you a Graphic Artist or Layout Specialist with a need to contribute to something larger than yourself?

Then come write and work  for us!

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The 10th Wall of Defense Network  is now setting out to write a  Global Awareness Magazine. We’d like to publish twice a month.  The Magazine will focus on the battles both winning and losing of Human Rights globally.  Separate sections for men, women and teens highlighting what each of us can do to help and those special people on the front lines who are helping everyday.

We are planning a travel section as well and maybe even some fashion highlights.  What would you like to see? Leave us a comment here for your input into the format of the magazine.

If you would like to apply, please visit:

~elaine ossipov.


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