The Warrior’s Way

The Universe is my way.
Courage is my shadow.
Love is my torch.
Peace is my refuge.
The Earth is my school.
Daily Life is my arena.
Action is my secret.
Now is my lesson.
Impossibility is my stimulus.
Pain is my warning.
Work is my blessing.
Balance is my temper.
Evolution is my purpose.
Perfection is my destiny.

Work is my blessing.

~ The Peaceful Warrior‘s Creed

There comes a time in all of our lives where everything is completed.  Yet, that is truly when we begin

.A friend of mine shared this seminar with me and if it were not for the date of the seminar itself, I would be attending.  I love seminars that teach us balance. That teach us there are two states in our world, both the physical and the spiritual.  I believe it’s through the balance of these factors and only through the balance we can be truly Successful.

So, Although I’ve not taken this seminar, nor met the woman. Because I have faith in my network and my colleagues I have no reservations about posting this seminar and encouraging all those who wish to, to please attend and bring back notes!! I will supply the coffee.

May blessings be upon you and yours


Awaken Your Warrior Soul 

Regardless of where we are in our lives, rich or poor, CEO or floor sweeper we got there because of our thoughts and our actions. Each one of us faces a crisis or majorchallenge at some point in our lives. It is not always possible to control the changes that come into our lives but we can control h...Read More