All Our Power 10 MILLION Consumers Strong

All Our Power, a group of consumers pulling together for better buying power.

All Our Power   –

A consumer Group fighting back

All our Power is a group of consumers almost 10 million people Strong.   The persons are consumers frustrated by the continued escalation in pricing of everything from toilet paper to a hair cut.  Consumers not willing to trade the bulk of their paychecks away for survival. They want more. We want more.

ALL OUR POWER is leveraging the purchasing power of these consumers to lower prices.   This is a Great Program if it will work.  Stay tuned for the updates as I learn more about this organizations and the consumer members.

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4 thoughts on “All Our Power 10 MILLION Consumers Strong

  1. Quite an Update today for All Our Power today, 5 hours ago unleased on Trendhunter here: and One Hour ago Announced by Crowd Sourced Startup soon to Launch Wahooly and I quote:

    “Wahooly startup AllOurPower featured on Trendhunter – via @JoeKalfa”

    Will “All Our Power” be one of the choices of Participation for their crowd sourced promotional compaigns? Lets hope so. “All Our Power” is a consumer advocacy group fighting back the powers of inflation with the numbers of consumers!

    Besides the link to “All Our Power’s” Home page on the main article above, you can also find this great Company on the following urls:

    Find All Our Power on Facebook

    All Our Power On Twitter

    Stay tuned for more updates;


  2. Thank you for posting about us, our event in Zuccotti Park was a great success.
    We have been featured on Fox News Business Network with Stuart Varney, however they seemed to be focusing more on our publicity stunt than our actual business:
    But we are still going strong and planning our next big move! Keep posted at and sign up for free today!


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