The Way the Earth Feels

Image based largely on observations from MODIS.
Image based largely on observations from MODIS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my twitter mates posted a tweet that made me start thinking of how I feel about the Earth and where those different feelings applied  around our mighty globe.  Just wanted to say thank you and share in kind.

“I suddenly realized that what I was feeling was the love of the Earth, the love of Creation. Every day we, as a species, do so much to destroy Creation’s ability to give us life. But that Creation continues to do everything in its power to give us life anyway. And that’s true love.”  – Julia Butterfly Hill ~~~~

When I go to the mountains, I can sit on a log or the ground even a boulder and can put my hands on or in it and I can feel the energy soak into me.   I can close my eyes and feel absolutely renewed like nothing I’ve ever felt anywhere else,  some divine glowing white energy just fills me, renewing my spirit and proving to me there are still places on the Earth virtually untouched, or at least no lasting scars are marring her yet.

I never used to tell people about this. Honestly who would believe me? Those I took into confidence gave me a nickname. Stonemage.  So this is a little story of how the earth has felt to me in different places I’ve been.  Of course I haven’t recorded everywhere or I could be here for days.   This is the story of how I feel the earth as a living entity.  The energy which his all around us,  everyone and everything.

Even though the oceans are teaming with life just as the shores are,   I never feel the energy of the ocean, the waves and what lies beneath them nearly as I do when I’m in the mountains. I love the Pacific Ocean. I love living near it. Each morning just before sunrise the birds start to sing, the seagulls start to search and in the afternoon I watch the eagles fly into the bay to pull up at the last moment with a crab or fish for their meal. With all of this glory of nature here on the shores a person might think this would be the place where I could feel the most energy and yet I’ve never felt the energy of the Ocean, as I do with the Cascade Mountains, or as I did in Fairbanks Alaska.  Maybe that is why I think of them as Home.

It’s harder to feel what I do anywhere there is an over abundance of Asphalt and oddly enough when I was in the South (Alabama especially, but I was there the longest, living in Andalusia) I could feel the earth tired. Like it had not yet recovered from the war that took place 200 years before I set foot on it.   Even though there was no visible mark left on the Earth and with the forest and wildlife abundant, the ground still ‘felt tired’.

While in Europe, Sweden and Denmark I had a completely different feeling of the Earth as if the Earth had entered a different stage of life in a way. Older, perhaps a little more worn, but content like a treaty  is in place or an agreement made and followed.   Swimming in the Lakes was not as invigorating as it had been in the Pacific Northwest or in Alaska  and although it left me feeling renewed,  the feelings I received were more like a part of something joined and not an honored guest given free reign of an over-flowing pot of  energy leaving me feeling so renewed I wanted to twirl around with joy.

Some people  might say what I was feeling or experienceing  I  picked  up  from others around me.  I would have to disagree.

I have always been very close to animals and the Earth. I’ve always spent many hours alone with Nature with the Earth and when you do this, all feelings of others, of politics, of Global issues, and even those closer as with family, all these would slip away and pretty soon it’s just me and the trees and the forest as a part of nature.

Do others feel this energy in them?  I think they do and I think some know they just feel better but perhaps haven’t defined it.

Do you know why you feel better when you are in Nature?  Do you know where you feel the best,  feel renewed?

Here are a few of those places for me.

Mt. Baker and the surrounding areas are the place I feel renewal the most.  It’s where I can sit down tired and achy put my fingers in the ground and feel my chest swell with the revival that I would swear could wake the dead.

I will post more images, but I wanted to get some which the family has taken. My nephew has taken many and his daughter too.  So What for updates!

A view of Mount Baker in the Cascade Range in ...
A view of Mount Baker in the Cascade Range in Washington. Picture taken by Ken McGee, 2001. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    1. Yes, I’ve been over to Winthrop a few times, but it’s been maybe 35 years since my last trip. The farthest I’ve gone in many years has been Marblemount.

      There a hiking Trail there, which turns out being part of the Cascade Crest Trail. You Start at the Amphitheater in New Halem Then take the walking bridge across the water, and there’s a trail that takes you to the top, it’s 5 miles of switchbacks, so not a typical ‘day hike’ But worth it. Worth Every burn from the 60pound pack you are carrying up or the burn in your calves and thighs as you lay down for the night. One of the most beautiful places on earth. Untouched, Undamaged and pure nature.

      For those of you who don’t know what, where that is, here is a link to a great camping resource for Washington State set to land on New Halem in the North Cascades.

      I was trying to find a great shot of the Amphitheater but I couldn’t find any image of it :\


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