TechCrunch | FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

“Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Cat! More Grumpy Cat, please!” – That’s basically my two-year-old’s review of FarFaria, a new subscription-based children’s storybook app for the iPad.

^EO^ Doesn’t seem to matter what age group or really what the game is about, the fact that it is a game, will sell.  I’m not a gamer and don’t pretend to know the market, but I do see so many people on the internet playing games. And I get game requests all the time on Facebook and Google ( who knew?).  I don’t play games on a comptuer, I consider computer work, and work is work and play is play.  Right now the sun is out the air is that wonderful mix of winter and spring in the air, two neighbors have mowed their lawn.. you know what that means don’t you? it means my lawn is the worst lookin on the corner.. I hate that. I’ll have to go find some young kid, tear  him away from his video game to come mow my lawn <G>