Disabled Veterans Deserve No-Cost Fishing License

Please click here to sign the petition to Allow Disabled Veterans to receive a no-

Fishing point for disabled anglers
Fishing point for disabled anglers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cost fishing license.

Our Veterans are the thread that weaves between our society and *theirs*. Our Veterans are the lining between the outside and what keeps us warm in the winters of our lives. Each and every veteran and their families have sacrificed more than any of us can comprehend having not walked a mile in their shoes.

For all the days and nights they spent training to stand the metaphoric line, and for all the days and nights they spent fighting on the real line. For all the days and nights they spent with no peace and in pain fighting for the freedoms we never seem to appreciate as much as we should.

Thank you Veterans, each one of you for standing that line so that I may sleep peacefully.
Thank you Veterans for your sacrifice.


8 thoughts on “Disabled Veterans Deserve No-Cost Fishing License

  1. This is a no brainer. I personally have never served in the militray but i have always believed that whether one agrees with our govenment international policies those who serve deserve our utmost respect and admiration and they should receive all the benefits we can possibly give them. This it seems to me is the least we should do.


    1. thank you very much for your posting. It means allot to me!! thanks Again and hopefully we’ll be able to get this legislation passed. I think no cost hunting and fishing is the LEAST we can do as a nation to thank those who stood for us. Fought for us, and ensured our liberties. thank you for what you have done for me, my family and my nation.


    1. I don’t know why I never replied to this Rich, I most certainly appreciate you comments. I love getting comments on my blog. On What I write. I love to debate and see different perspectives on issues.

      thank you my friend for your very kind words!!


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