The Same Difference – A Look at Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights

I may or may not be a promoter of the start-ups offered by Wahooly Inc when they do launch. To date they have not launched. Wahooly Inc, is a Crowd Sourced Start-up, whose sole purpose is to provide media coverage to start-up companies. Advertising is the

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single most expensive cost to most start-up companies in the tech industry. When/If the start-up has an Event, (either bought or closed) at that time my performance along with an additional 4,999 people’s (maximum allow 5K) will be evaluation on a point system measured by analytics to split 5% of the net proceeds, in addition that same 5% is given at the beginning of the start-ups life-cycle and could endure an additional two to three rounds of funding resulting in a significantly smaller percentage.
This position of being a promoter for start-ups was offered to 28,000 people on the internet, of all fields and industries who had a Klout score of over, I think, 35, Klout is an Official/Financial Partner of Wahooly.

Wahooly will offer 200 start-up companies per year, a promoter can join zero or all two-hundred as they choose which start-up’s they are willing to gamble their time on.

My association with the Professor is a professional one as I’ve been writing a series of articles on his work, his losses suffered,and victories gained. I have talked with persons he’s cured. I have seen his data and court documents, and well, pretty much his life has been an open book to me as I prepare for this endeavor. Please understand I would never propose to understand it from a medical field,

Control groups, data and its proper gathering as well as the statistics derived is something I am quite familiar with.

The point you make is very interesting to me because when we hold IP patents in the software industry we would never publish properties that would give a competitor and edge. before we had our , methodologies or any other sensitive material public, only the final result. If we were to make any of the sensitive material public, then someone else would copy it. My husband holds 3 patents in 2 countries for his work in the software industry, so this Intellectual Property Patent itself is something I am familiar with.

I am very curious, is an Intellectual Property Patent different somehow in the Medical Field? Is there that big of a difference to bring yourself/business from a point of research to cataclysm and into sustainability? I realize the vast difference between software and medical treatment. That’s kind-of a no brainer, even for a nerd like me. I would very much appreciate someone to help me understand the differences starting at the point of a viable discovery and moving forward to the point of marketable product. Taking this train of thought into the next level again, if someone could also help me to understand the difference starting with the marketable product moving forward to the point of cataclysm and sustainability. I think that would help me a great deal in understanding the differing viewpoint brought forward in this forum.

Until now, I have believed the concept of the process to be similar. In simplicity: make the product available for trials, gather consumer feedback, revise and repeat until refined. Then the logistics of making the product readily available to consumers, and making consumers aware the product is available.

I think in all honesty that we need to acknowledge there is or could be a great deal of money involved and I also think it’s very normal for anyone who discovers something of value to society..

Our society (the U.S.A.) starting with the enormousness law suits in what the 70’s and 80’s have heralded doctors to be either Sinner’s or Saints. There is a certain amount of stigmatization which shadows a doctor. who does make money. He’s got to be over or double billing. When the man who owns the bowling alley buys a Jaguar, well, then he’s just doing a bang up job there.

Ok, I understand the Hippocratic oath that doctors take, but it states “I will do no harm” it doesn’t say “I will refuse to make money.” Not to mention the student loans, the drive and determination it takes to get through medical school.

I would very much appreciate anyone chiming in on this post and helping me to understand the differing models of taking a product to market.

Thank you again Dennis for providing a differing perspective. It’s too bad we got off on the wrong foot.

I would like to leave with this last comment, it was a sign posted on my attorney’s wall one day. I looked at him and just smiled, because as a person who technology literate I could completely understand where he was coming from. As doctors I’m sure you can to.

The sign read:
“When asking me a question,
please remember,
My knowledge IS my trade”