One More Battle…of Trust?

[Happy new year, btw, little late, sorry bout that. China and Russia are Very tight, and we depend on China I think more than they depend on us, I mean, yes, they like our money, they bought our debt, we buy their products, we have no manufacturing, they have it all, not to mention they also enjoy 3rd world country status, so their manufacturing plants do not need to meet environmental standards that allow us to buy their good to begin with. ]

YES, THE WORLD IS RAN BY BIG BUSINESS.. but in my humble naivety  I wish that we could focus a little on making our lives at home better..and I don’t mean by purchasing everything that’s sold in our oh so disposable consumer products these days.

I mean what is really important and makes life better to begin with. 

Now,  a new presidential election year starts, and once again we’ve not been able to pass any legislation to impose an equal  amount of spending in campaigns.  We’ve not been able to impose Term Limits.  We’ve not reduced lobbyist spending, but unemployment has started to recede.  It seems like  fewer Small Business are going out of  business every day.  Although some of those rates could be a reflection of benefits running out, rather than jobs being created.  Don’t take me wrong, I’m certainly not bashing our President, nor am I going to bash the congress or the house, at least not in this story.   And I would like to state for the record that I do believe most congressmen/women, most members of the House truly want what is best for their constituents, if it’s best for their constituents and benefits themselves, so much the better!   I also believe no one has all the answers, and these days if a person has one good suggestion the country should run with it. Yes, I believe it’s time to impose the Teddy Roosevelt methodology!  Try Everything!

I don’t believe my country is great anymore.   I do believe it’s better to live here than some countries, and there are some countries I miss.  Having said that, I  have allot of pride in my country, when I went to grade school, the class stood every morning,  we put our hand over our harts and recited the pledge of allegiance.  I want America to be the best again!  I want  America to set the standards for the world in education, in living habitation and environment, in healthcare, in quality of retirement and lifespan, and most importantly the quality of life.

In the first Republican Iowa caucus  we have already seen mud slinging.  I don’t want to see mud slinging.   I don’t want the candidates to focus on each other.  I want MY CANDIDATES to focus on how to make our country great again.

I want to be perfectly clear on this so I’m going to make a list:

  • I don’t care who the candidates have an affair with. Let the inquirer take the story, it’s desert right?

  • I don’t care if they got a bigger refund from their 1989 income tax report than they should have, it was probably no different than anyone else.

  • I don’t even care if they smoked pot in high school or college or participated in some stupid Frat House Prank.

  • I don’t care if they are meeting in secrete with a Seer, a palm reader, a shaman, or any other kind of spiritualism healing.

  • I don’t care if the Church they go to is Catholic, Christian, Lutheran, Latter-Day Saints or Pagan for that matter.

I do care about:

  • The grades they received in school.

  • if a crime was ever committed and prosecuted, ( innocent people can be arrested and detained, unless they were charged with a crime I don’t care.)

  • What their record is on commitments made to constituents vs. their record of accomplishments while in office.

  • What type of education they have.

  • What type of economics training they have

  • What kind of bi-partisan record they have

  • What is their stand on and plan for controlling health care costs and how they are going to implement these plans. Everyone talks of their plan, for a budget, for health care,  they NEVER talk about how they plan to implement it…I think their plan never got planned that far.

  • In short, if it is related to their political career, or a previous career, then I want to hear about it.  If it relates to their religion, their wife, their children, or relationships,  I simply don’t care.  I simply don’t want to hear about it.

And I would like to ask this of all news agencies: Why did you report the mudslinging?  MSNBC, shame on you, you’re better than that. Every News Agency should be better than that.  Instead of reporting  something because it sells, sensationalism sells, let’s try to report on only the issues at hand.  If the mudslinger had known his story wouldn’t be picked up on a national level, would he have slung the mud to begin with?   I don’t think so, I think he would have come up with different tactics.  But what he did do, was get his name on every radio, tv, newspaper and syndicated new blog in the free world.  Wow, what a way to get free advertising.
Did you notice how the  news stations were so quiet about the protests going on in our own  country.  America had more protesters in the streets throughout it’s union, than Egypt did in their country.  Yet why is it that Egypt got twice the coverage?


I saw a post this morning on a journalist blog, the topic boiled down to why journalists would wait until the last minute to turn something into their editors.   Comments were then made asking journalists to please provide more lead time for responses from the subject of their story. When an average American  hears a  news broadcaster say “person_x could not be reached  for a comment”   we think, “yeah…sucker’s in hiding because he’s guilty”.    But here’s an additional thought, maybe the reason is, because the journalists didn’t ask for a response until two hours before press time and couldn’t be reached for comment.   But  why would a journalist do that?  American Journalist are the best in the world.  This can’t be sloppy work.  No sloppy work?!   Is there a valid reason for postponing  a request for comments from the subject matter of the journalists story or article?

Americans have always taken so much pride in their Journalists!  Ethics and Integrity before all else!  

When I think about the American News Reporting Agencies,  I remember when our journalists were the best in the world, when nothing stood before  ethics.  Was that just my youth enhanced naive ways or were they really the best in the world? Did growing up in the Leave it to Beaver generation taint my view with rose colored glasses?

I don’t believe so. I believe the world has changed that much. Sure we had our Onassis in shipping, we had our Kennedy’s in everything, but it didn’t seem like big business’ only goal  strictly the all mighty $$, I don’t remember any business using their employee’s retirement funds,  nor do I remember banks loaning money on more than a house was worth.   Did big business have more ethics then, or just higher priorities, like world expansion and domination.  Yet, I do remember Journalists, news reporters going up against a President of the United States.   I do remember news reporters going after Big Tobacco.   We never heard about President Kennedy’s affair if he had one.

I remember our news agencies as America’s  check and balance system.  News agencies then were  autonomous they reported the truth, when and where it happened.

Have American Journalist become a mediocrity of compromises in the quest for survival?   And for the ones who seek more than survival have they become a mediocrity of compromise in  the quest for the almighty $?   And even though history is written by the winners, the winners in this case are not the liberators of the concentration camps of  Nazi Germany but rather they are the entities that caused the demise of a whole civilization in modern day.†

Why didn’t the Journalist  ask his subject to comment on the story more than two-hours before the deadline   The comment was made that if the journalist had turned it in before the deadline there were three possible outcomes, a) it would have been printed anyway. b) it would have given the subject of the article time to get an attorney and have him in the editor’s office.   c)  If it’s turned in before the deadline, then the editor can kill the story if the “advertiser” is a friend, or the friend of a friend, or if the advertiser just plain wouldn’t like it. ??

WHAT IS THAT?   That my friend is capitalism at work.

For just an example, take IBM.‡  IBM was not persecuted for it’s role in Nazi Germany’s regime, but instead went onto  become, and still is today,  a world leader in global consumer markets through their technology and innovation.  Is this any difference in what the wall street tycoons did to the Average American as compared to  IBM’s role in Nazi Germany?  I realize that is a harsh parallel, but is it a parallel? Let’s take a look – During World War II, IBM through their European counterpart provided all the punch card technology which enhanced the underlying transportation and Census Data  infrastructure of Nazi Germany. their transportation records, troop deployment, troop work details, troop orders, troop supply trains, prisoner transport, prisoner identification,  prisoner location, prisoner work details, prisoner identification,  prison camp identification, prison camp locations, prison camp receipt of prisoners, prison camp supplies, prison camp expansions  everything…everything was organized through the technology provided by one of our own companies. Yes, it was legal.  Was it Ethical? Or was it a mediocrity of compromise in the quest for the almighty $$.

If you are wondering now if my thoughts are leading anywhere, the answer is no.

I have nowhere to lead all these thoughts which circle in my mind, because the path only leads to more speculation, and conjecture. I do know that when I was ignorant of issues, when I chose to blind myself to these truths, I was a happier person.  Those Americans who work day and night just to put a roof over their heads if they still have one, or food on the table for their children, are ignorant perhaps yes by choice, but who can blame them. The Average American is working so hard and living paycheck-to-paycheck, trying to raise their children to be moral and ethical, play and share fairly and all the while they are running around from appointment to appointment taking their children where they need to go;  they are hoping and praying  that no major medical problems will arise or that their property taxes won’t be raised again for the 5th year in a row even though the actual value is less than it was five years ago.

The Average American fights their own battles every day of their lives, not with gun, but with phone, corporations, billing errors which continue for months, and always, always the ever-present insurance issue which has been denied and they have to fight for.

The Average American  fights their own battles everyday of their lives. Their fight is normally with Big Business  only we don’t see it that way. We see it as someone’s mistake entering computer data.  “He/She must have typed in a wrong amount.”  or “The  computer had to have made a mistake this amount can’t be  right.”  or my all time favorite: “They are charging me more for the plan than what we agreed to when we signed up.”   We also see it as the government, whether at the local, state or federal level made a mistake..again someone entered the wrong data.  What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the battle of everyday needing to double check each bill, each expenditure, each refund,  and then duking it out for three hours with the entity which is over charging, under refunding and non-warranting. 

Yes, they can fight it, and the phone bill they were overcharged on for the 5th month in a row, and the gas company who credited their payment to the wrong account, even though the account number was clearly written in the memo section of the check, and then take a break from work to attend a parent-teacher conference,  pick up your child on your coffee-break and take them to their sports practice ow, and heaven forbid they forgot they have to pay the $150.000 today for the  Boy/Girl Scout Uniform for their other child…
perhaps this is my point to all this rambling, everything takes time and energy, I could never have kept up on current political events when my son was young, and I was attending the university full time and working 4 separate jobs to keep food on our table, and the rent paid. I remember when Tony Knowles the Alaskan Senator came by my townhouse apartment in Hess Village on the campus in Fairbanks, he was campaigning for yet another term in office.  I knew he was corrupt, everyone knew he was corrupt.  But I couldn’t have named a specific instance of a vote. I couldn’t have had a debate with him on the issues. The only issue I was thinking of was if it would be too rude not to invite him in, because I only had 1 hour to study before I had to dive into motherhood and workdom again.

It all takes energy and time. And when you work 12-16 hours a day living paycheck-to-paycheck which the average american does, it’s not that the working class doesn’t care, it’s not that they don’t want to get involved, it’s just that they are just too exhausted to take on one more battle.

what is really important and makes life better to begin with.  More time for family, more time for hobbies,  living a simple lifestyle.  Trusting in my government, trusting in my news reporters, trusting in my job, trusting in my 401K or retirement account will still be there when I wake up. Trusting in trust.

† Re: Iceland

‡ Re: IBM and the Holocaust