Now This is MY KIND OF HAMMOCK! Seriously Cool Innovation

Tree Tent Takes You High & Above Your Dreams

from Bit Rebels by Richard Darell

Tree Tent Takes You High & Above Your Dreams


Being a resident in this constantly innovating world is somewhat of an adventure. There are continuously new concepts and ways to spend your time both in the comfort of your home as well as out in the ever morphing world. We here at Bit Rebels have taken you to the Ice Hotel in the northern parts of Sweden and to the magic of the world’s largest treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee. We have visited hotel rooms created out of concrete tubes and roamed the glowing orbs of snowy forests. It’s all about innovation, and today we are visiting yet another epic way to spend your time sleeping. This time around, we’re switching up the concept of camping. I am talking about the spherical concept of the tree tent.

The concept of sleeping in a tree has been around for centuries, but as far as I know, the tent has never been a contraption that has become mainstream when it comes to camping in trees. Sure, there are some nature photographers who have achieved this, but it’s not to been recommended, until now. A concept called Cocoonhas it all figured out though. It’s a tree tent that will enable you to sleep high above the ground as if you were housed in a timeless cocoon.

This tree tent is roomy, and by the looks of it, a quite comfortable sleeping pod which you can install wherever it may be be supported. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the deepest of forests, or if you are just on the edge of the shoreline, if there is a tree, there is probably a way to install this tree tent. The swaying of the trees would be a soothing motion while you are trying to get some well needed rest (unless there is a storm of course). The price for this spiritual experience has not yet been set, but you can gain further information about this tree tent concept over at the official Cocoon website.





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4 responses to “Now This is MY KIND OF HAMMOCK! Seriously Cool Innovation

    • Really? I wonder how they would be in person. I’d love to see if they were really as nice as they looked. But for alaska they would be GREAT except the tress tend to be a tad bit smaller up there. But in Southwest they would work really good. Wouldn’t have to worry about the bears or setting your camp up in a mid-night watering hole trail all the large animals use. I think they look cool too. but I could probably do without the “suspended outhouse.” lol

      • Oh yes! That’s one aspect of camping I can’t stand, which is the production of having to get up in the night to conduct your business. It always seems to make it that much more pressing for me. I swear I wish I had a Mr. Thirsty like the pilots used. Okay, I’ve officially crossed into TMI territory here, my apologies ;)

        • LOL, well, I think we all agree with you there, on each of your points!! lmao, but you’re right. I wrote this story once about camping with my son.. you reminded me of it, wonder where I put that.. it was pretty hilariousness..

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